Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Festival: MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013!

Mother Mary & Baby Jesus on Christmas Day 2013!
Merry Christmas!

Up the hill
I was quite thrilled when Vinny suggested that we go to visit Mount Mary on Christmas this year. While I have been to that area a number of times and even went to the church once, it has always been in the night. So, I was quite happy to go there in the daylight.

Candles sold outside the church
We got off the rickshaw opposite Mehboob Studio and walked up the sloping road. The weather was awesome and the walk quite scenic. We went down a couple of by-lanes, taking our time reaching the church at around 1.30 pm.

Vinny checks out the wares on sale
The church was packed with a number of people spilling into the compound too. Most of them were obviously not Christians, same as us. We both walked inside to sit on a pew. After praying for a few minutes, I got up to walk to the altar. Mother Mary and Baby Jesus wore diamond crowns to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. They looked beautiful.

Mount Mary Church in the afternoon sunlight
After praying there, I walked out from the right side where a crib had been set up. It looked lovely. I waited on another pew while Vinny completed her prayers and then the two of us left from the opposite door.

The crib
We walked down the hill from the other end and went to Taj Lands End where Christmas Carols had been organised in the main hall. Children from a nearby school were celebrating the birth of Jesus by singing carols.

The scenic walk downhill
We sat there to listen to “Jingle Bells” (my favourite) and “Silent Night”. It was lovely to hear their young, sweet voices. We left after having a glass of fruit juice served by the hotel.

Christmas Carols at Taj Lands End
It was a wonderful Christmas for me as we went on to buy a takeaway lunch at BusaGo in Bandra before going home to share it with Venkat and Viggy.

Cute stuffed Santa Claus at the Festivity Desk at Taj Lands End

One of the 4 pretty Christmas trees in the lobby of Taj Lands End!


  1. Call me next time you go :| ;) Nice review, thanks for the virtual tour :)