Monday, August 8, 2011

Food Review: PRAKASH HOTEL @ Ghatkopar (East)

Latha & Venkat at Prakash Hotel
I have not added any food pictures as the items were quite common to South-Indian restaurants 

Venkat and I had been to his sister’s home at Ghatkopar on Saturday. We decided to go out for dinner and Latha suggested Prakash Hotel nearby. On entering, Venkat and I were rather worried that there was no crowd. Many a time that suggests that the food is not very good. It was obviously not the case here. 
THUMBS UP 1: We ordered soups to begin with. While Venkat, Latha and I shared two Sweet Corn Soups between us, Latha’s husband sGanesh went for a Tomato Soup. All of us relished our soups. In fact, Venkat was surprised that the Sweet Corn Soup tasted very different. That was because it was very fresh.
THUMBS UP 2: The Cheese Pakodas that we ordered came with two types of chutneys – coconut and kotmir chutneys. Yummy!
THUMBS UP 3: The Spring Roll was late in coming, just as the waiter had warned us. But it was definitely worth the wait.
THUMBS UP 4: Venkat’s Cheese Pav Bhaji was smothered in cheese in a nice way. He simply loved it!

THUMBS UP 5: Ganesh liked the Sada Dosa that he ordered. 
THUMBS UP 6: I asked for a Medhu-Vada Sambar. It was delicious. The coconut chutney and sambar were ever so fresh. 
THUMBS UP 7: Venkat had a Kulfi-Falooda and Ganesh had a Kulfi.
THUMBS UP 8: The best part was that after all the above-mentioned items, the bill came to just Rs. 700.

Wall decor at the hotel
THUMBS DOWN 1: The service could have been better and there was water dripping on Latha from the AC right above her head. On telling them to check, they simply switched it off. 

For those interested:
Prakash Hotel is at
Odeon Shopping Centre, 
Rajawadi, Vallabh Baug Lane, 
Ghatkopar (East), 
Mumbai 400077
Phone: 022-25106619