Thursday, August 18, 2011

Food Review: GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEES @ Hiranandani Gardens, Powai

Nothing to beat a hot cup of superlative coffee during the monsoons...

Well, this visit was during our trip to Hiranandani Gardens. It was raining on and off and we wanted to stop at a coffee shop for a cup of hot coffee and snacks. I had already visited the CCD outlet here the last time I had been to Hiranandani. So, we opted to go to Gloria Jean’s Coffees. It turned out to be a good decision.
Watching the world go by from inside the Coffee Shop
Vinny and Viggy went to the counter to place our orders while I lounged about lazily on the comfortable sofa seating. The full length glass window gave me a lovely view of the rain-washed street outside and the restaurants across the street.

The self-service counter
THUMBS UP 1: We asked for three different coffees. I opted for a Caramel Latte, Viggy had an Irish Crème and Vinny had a Cappuccino. We simply loved them as we guzzled them down while watching the wet weather. My Caramel Latte was perfectly sweetened, just the way I like it.

THUMBS UP 2: My Blueberry Muffin was yummy.

THUMBS UP 3: Vinny had a slice of Banana Bread that was delicious.
Coffee & Cake
THUMBS UP 4: Viggy asked for a Chocolate Lamington – it was chocolate cake drizzled with coconut. It was the best of the lot.

THUMBS UP 5: Viggy also asked for a Garlic Chicken Sandwich. He insisted that the quality of chicken was too good, especially as compared to other coffee shops. He relished it till the last bite.

THUMBS UP 6: We shared a Veg Puff between us. It was good enough although I have had better.
Viggy & his Ice-cream Smoothie
THUMBS UP 7: The Ice-cream Smoothie that Vignesh had last was the best of the lot - deliciously creamy and chilled just right.

THUMBS UP 8: The best was the pricing. Very reasonable and total value for money!
A tissue that says it all!
Gloria Jean's Coffees
Gloria Jean’s Coffees,
G-3, Ground Floor,
Citi Park Building,
Hiranandani Business Park,
Hiranandani Gardens,
Powai , Mumbai
Phone: 40156262

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  1. That was a chillax sunday after so long... super experience :)