Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food Review: MASALAZONE BAR & KITCHEN @ Bandra Reclamation

Venkat and I were glad that we went to Masalazone. Read on to find out why…

Vinitha took us all out for dinner to celebrate her birthday belatedly. Masalazone was her idea as she and Viggy had already been there a couple of times and were all for it. The restaurant has an AC section and a non-AC one. It was obvious that the non-AC was more popular. The area appeared smart while rather dimly lit. Vinitha had booked a table in advance. We had to wait ten minutes despite that. The place was obviously popular.

Vinny with Long Island Iced Tea; Viggy with Mojito & Sunshine sitting right there in the middle
THUMBS UP 1: Venkat asked for a Mojito and simply loved it. He ordered a second one too.

Basil Garlic Paneer Tikka
THUMBS UP 2: Viggy went for a Long Island Iced Tea and relished the taste. He did not go in for a second one as he planned to drive us all back home. ;)

The Bar at the entrance. There are pedestal fans all around to keep the area cool
THUMBS UP 3: Vinny & I opted for the same mocktail each. It had ‘sunshine’ in its name (don’t remember the full name). It looked and tasted like sunshine with mango and orange in it. Refreshing and just the right amount of sweet. Perfect! I just cannot stand over-sweet drinks, hot or cold.

Achari Paneer
THUMBS UP 4: For starters we asked for Achaari Paneer Tikka, Subz Ki Bahar (grilled vegetables and paneer), Basil Garlic Paneer Tikka and a chicken grill. Vinitha and I loved the veg. starters while Venkat and Viggy enjoyed all of them. With so many starters, I opted not to have the main course.

Grilled chicken
THUMBS UP 5: We asked for Rotis, Butter Garlic Naan along with Butter Paneer Masala and Black Dal. While there was a mix up as they served half a naan and one-and-a-half rotis, they later made up for it by setting things straight.

Main Course
THUMBS UP 6: For dessert we asked for vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce and a chocolate cake. This was what they had left over at around 11 pm. They were not too bad.

THUMBS UP 7: The bill was pretty reasonable at around Rs. 2,400 plus.

THUMBS DOWN 1: The place was dimly lit. All the same, it would have been nice if there had been one light at least per table. I could not quite see what I was eating. I don’t much care for this.

The Subz Dhania Sorba that I returned
THUMBS DOWN 2: I asked for a Subz Dhaniya Sorba. It looked good but tasted of cardamom, of all things. I just could not have it. I believe it is kept ready and they could not possibly create a new soup for me without cardamom. Alas, the readymade Tomato Sorba also had cardamom in it, I believe. I don’t know what’s with cardamom in soups at this place. The good part was they did not charge us for this one.

For those interested:
Masalazone Bar & Kitchen is at
21-B, Santhal ONGC Complex,
Opposite Leelavati Hosptial,
Behind IES College
Bandra Reclamation
Phone: 26452031, 26439239, 9820403111

Author's Note: My pictures have been better. My only excuse is that the lighting was not good and I had a difficult time clicking my camera in the dark. :)


  1. That was my expert review when it first opened!:-)


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  3. I forgot to say, I enjoyed reading your review. For some reason, it reminds me of how much I miss Bombay and India.

    R (Let's not keep guessing.)

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