Friday, June 24, 2011


Gallery Pradarshak
I got an opportunity to visit this art gallery that belongs to Savitha & Lalit Hira on the occasion of Gallery Pradarshak’s 17th anniversary. They had organized 17 art shows over 17 days from June 6 to 24 2011. I went on the day Artist Sanjay Kumar had his art show and poetry reading.

At the entrance
Gallery Pradarshak is in Khar (West) and is tiny in stature. But they have regular art shows happening there. I have known that since the days I used to work at Mumbai Mirror and used to list their events in the newspaper. Savitha has been an e-friend since those days and I finally got a chance to meet her in person.

Lalit & Savitha Hira
Savitha is a writer-editor for the magazine Design Matrix. She has many interesting bylines in this interior design magazine.

Lalit Hira is an interior decorator who also designs furniture. Check out this sample on facebook. Mr. Hira’s designs have been presented at the London Design Festival 2007 and were received well.

Another corner with a work table and the staircase leads up to the mezzanine where the office is
The Hiras are passionate about art and started Gallery Pradarshak on June 9, 1994 at this small garage space. Though small, the gallery is very beautifully set up and the couple is quite choosy about what they are ready to allow to be displayed in the portals.

Lalit Hira sitting on his portable chair
They don’t charge a rent and are ready to take any newcomer if they like his/her work. They display works as least expensive as Rs. 1,500 and there is no limit to the higher end of the cost. They charge a commission on the artworks that are actually sold. Their gallery is booked a year in advance. The gallery is closed for about a couple of weeks for renovation every year and Savitha and Lalit plan their holidays around that.

Gallery Pradarshak is a lovely art gallery and I would love to visit it again.


  1. seems like an interesting place. I loved the first pic. Can understand wat it is depicting, would like a closer look.

    Let me know next time you visit this place.

  2. Thanks Sundari. We loved having you with us. Look forward to more frequent personal interactions