Monday, June 20, 2011


Vini & me with MV Wisdom in the background

Venkat, Vinitha and I went to Juhu beach on Sunday afternoon to see the ship that had washed ashore a few days ago. We parked the car in one of the side roads and walked on the beach.

Vini and I were keen on walking in the water but when we saw the filth floating around, we decided not to. But soon, we had no choice as the beach was quite narrow with a lot of people around. We kind of stepped to the edge of the water and walked quite a way to catch a glimpse of MV WISDOM.

MV Wisdom, Venkat & me
We tried hard not to flinch every time a wave came up to our feet and were quite determined to walk to the ship. We got fairly close and took a few photographs and got out of the closest side road and decided to walk on the road instead of on the beach.

MV Wisdom stranded on Juhu Beach
If the beach and that particular road were in competition for ‘most filthy’, I am not sure which one will get the award. We managed to wade through the vehicles and kachara and finally managed to reach the car in one piece.

While we had baths to wash off the filthy visit, the horrible sights and smells kind of linger. 

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  1. i never knew Juhu was so dirty! Isnt it the same place we all went when vini and viggy were kids?