Thursday, June 23, 2011


I sincerely hope that no Italian steps into this restaurant as he/she might either commit suicide or murder after eating the food here

Spaghetti Kitchen @ Inox

Venkat studying the drinks' menu
The four of us got a chance to go to a restaurant together after a very long interval. Viggy and I had been thinking of visiting Spaghetti Kitchen since a long time and hence we opted to go here. The place has just one thing to recommend it – the service.

Bloody Mary turned bad :(
THUMBS UP 1: The service! The staff were very accommodative and ready to set right every drink and dish that we did not like. But then we did not like most of the stuff served and may be they are used to this reaction many times during the course of the day.

Pizza that the guys relished
THUMBS UP 2: Pork Chops was the chef’s choice of the day and Viggy was keen to have it. Venkat and he shared a portion and they insisted that it tasted good. I am sure it did.

Pork Chops that Viggy thought was out of this world
THUMBS UP 3: The bar-man (if he had had a hand at it) could not quite mess up with the fresh lime soda sweet concoction that Vini and I ordered and it tasted quite normal. 

Pasta in tomato sauce - not up to the mark
THUMBS UP 4: Venkat and Vignesh ordered a pizza that they both relished a lot. 

Fresh lime soda sweet that they got right ;)
THUMBS DOWN 1: Venkat asked for a Bloody Mary. It tasted funny and the waiter offered to remake it. It tasted as bad and so we asked for a Long Island Iced Tea. I don’t drink, but have tasted Long Island Iced Tea. But never one as bad as the one offered here. Luckily, we could return that too and finally Venkat settled for a straightforward bottled beer that the bar-man could not mess with.

Penne in white sauce
THUMBS DOWN 2: Grissini was the starter that Vini and I ordered. They served 4 sticks of dry bread with four different sauces (????). Never hope to taste something like that ever in my life, thank you.

The chefs
THUMBS DOWN 3: I don’t remember the dish name, but I had asked for Penne pasta in white sauce. I know that the pasta should be cooked firm and should never be soggy. But the pasta they served me was about 30% cooked. I added a few seasonings to make it taste better, but it just did not. The waiter offered to make it better. Yeah, he did return the dish and the pasta was cooked 40% this time round. Not my dish of pasta!

The Bar where they messed up the cocktails
THUMBS DOWN 4: Vinitha ordered pasta in red sauce. She found the sauce too tangy and looking at her face expression, they offered to make it better with grated cheese. By the time the cheese came, the pasta was quite cold and she left quite a bit of it on her plate without finishing it.

Our table
THUMBS DOWN 5: We were shocked to see the huge bill of Rs. 5005 – this despite their not including the two cocktails that we returned.  Yeah, we had ordered quite a few things, but as regards ‘value for money’, it was anything but. 

Our table from another angle

Long Island Iced Tea with Viggy in the background


Wall decor


  1. :D Sundari the food critic. But im sure they were bad.

    I know you have a perfect sense of good, edible,bad,worse food having shared so many meals with you & you are always right. :)

  2. Thank you Nilima :D
    that's a super compliment!

  3. It must be really bad for you to use such strong words to start with!