Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It was Good Friday and the beginning of a long weekend. My daughter Vini had already left on a trip with her college friends after her exams. While my son Viggy and I wondered what we could do, my husband was feeling a bit under the weather and was not keen on going out himself.

That’s when Viggy and I decided to go watch a couple of animated films that had released. Venkat is not too keen on animation and hence we had no qualms about going by ourselves.

Viggy booked tickets for Rango by phone as the film had just released that very day. We reached Big Cinemas at Wadala by about 12.30 and got the tickets. I browsed through some books at the Crossword outlet there. Then we picked up our samosa-popcorn-pepsi combo at the counter on the first floor before heading to Screen 5 on the second floor.

We had taken the premium seats that are actually cushiony sofas. Aah! It was wonderful – my second visit to the theatre.

After the film, the two of us got out and went to have lunch on the first floor. The restaurants are on the same line with cute seating arrangements. We ordered a tomato-cheese thin crust pizza at Garcia; a Green Thai Curry and Phad Thai noodles (all vegetarian) at Zenzibu Orientals. Everything was amazing. We were surprised to receive a helping of rice along with the Thai curry while the rates were so reasonable. We enjoyed the food. We were not keen to drink the ‘Springs’ mineral water which is the only brand available on the premises. It tastes ‘yuck’ and we knew that from a previous experience. Luckily for us, there was a water cooler that served decent purified water.

Viggy went to purchase the tickets for the second show of the day – Rio. He returned to ask me whether I  would like to play air-hockey. I did not even know what he was talking about but decided to give it a try. It was such fun that I cackled my way through four games in a row. I lost most of the time ;) but we had a whale of a time. There were a couple of times when Viggy told me that I was laughing and jumping like a kid. And then he gave up!

We had ice-cream at the counter on the first floor. The college kid who was handling the counter asked us to rush with our orders as the poor thing had not had a lunch break with so many orders in the heat of summer. Then, it was already time to go to Rio on Screen 2. Awesome film! Great fun! And super premium seats again!

We got out and Viggy headed to Zenzibu Orientals to place an order of take home Thai curry for Venkat while I went to Crossword to buy all the books that I had checked out earlier in the day.

Armed with both the parcels, Viggy and I headed home happily, after a super day at Big Cinemas.


  1. Oh weekend well spent!
    gr8! I hope to catch both the films & the new upcoming 'Source code' (yeah, title totally suits me) this week or weekend. Wish me luck ;)

    gr8 review. you got me hungry with the menu described!

  2. Ooohhh i missed it

  3. Very well written. Very sweet experience. Thank you.

  4. Fine. Happy that you enjoyed so much. wish you much more!

  5. great way to spend a holiday! good u enjoyed!