Saturday, April 23, 2011

Film Review: RANGO

Voices: Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Timothy Oliphant
Director: Gore Verbinski

The Story: This animated film is about a chameleon that falls out of its owner’s vehicle on a highway that runs through a desert. The chameleon tumbles into a town called Dirt, desperate to find water. But there is no water available in the drought-ridden town. He goes into a tavern and meets a lot of baddies there. With a bit of wit and cunning, the chameleon convinces them that he is smart and courageous. He also gives himself the name, Rango. This paves the way for Rango to meet the town mayor, a tortoise. The mayor appoints Rango as the town sheriff. It’s not long before Rango finds out that it is the tortoise that is holding the town to ransom by ensuring that their water supply is cut off completely. Watch the film to find out how Rango manages to save the town from the mayor and his henchmen.

My Perception: The animation was nothing short of amazing. With a cute story woven in the style of western flicks, with characters that stick to your memory for a long time after the film is over, with excellent editing that makes sure that you are glued to the screen throughout, with superb direction that makes you wonder whether what you are watching is animation or for real, the film grips you from beginning till the end.

The animated animals don’t necessarily stick to original sizes, but look awesome. Special mentions need to be made of the owls in the musical band; the tortoise mayor; Jake the rattler; the town baddies; the flying bats and most especially Sheriff Rango himself.

I am not too fond of Johnny Depp and his acting skills. But his voice (Rango) in this film was too perfect. It suited the character very well. Kudos!

The music, the songs, the background scenes and the settings were wonderful and take you back to the olden days of American western films.

The dialogues are crisp and the film is precise with a plot one can relate to. A problem that is caused by an evil tortoise and is solved after all these years by the hero of the tale – simple and stunning!

Verdict: If you like animation - DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

Rating: *****Super

* Silly
** Shaky
*** Smart
**** Snazzy
***** Super 


  1. Hey superb! Thanks for the review. I was thinking of which light, funny, relaxing movie to watch this long weekend. I would sure love to watch this one :).

  2. Hmm somehow my views on the film are quite different. I had heard so much about Rango that I probably expected more. Felt it was lacking in humour, also the other characters were too 'ugly' for my liking. The owls did stand out though

  3. Thanks for the review. Must see list is growing bigger.

  4. there one more animation stuff, i would like to watch!