Thursday, April 7, 2011

WORLD HEALTH DAY: Living forever

Today is World Health Day and I am glad that I am finally back to blogging after two months and that too with one of my favourite topics – health.

There are two ways to maintain good health – prevention and cure. As far as cure is concerned, every time you fall sick, you have to be treated and the more medication that you feed into your body, the worse off is the system. The resistance power in our systems continues to weaken each time we take a course of antibiotics and worse yet – steroids. Then again the pollution surrounding us is so much that there is not much of a chance avoiding this.

Then how to avoid falling ill? This brings us back to the best method – prevention.

Eating the right foods, drinking enough water, deep breathing and keeping fit are various ways of ensuring that we remain healthy.

Sure, if we follow all these regularly. Only, most of us don’t. Then there is also the pollution in the atmosphere, the change in lifestyle, consumption of junk food, alcohol, etc. that do not allow for the best health.

That’s when you adapt yourself to Forever Living Products. I can divide my life into two parts – before and after FLP.

These products are manufactured by a 32-year-old American company called Forever Living Products Pvt. Ltd. The vision of the creator is nothing short of amazing.

Most of the products are based on a plant called Aloe Vera that belongs to the cactus family. There are more than 3000 types of Aloe Vera that grows on earth. Out of these, only three or four are edible and the founders of this company have segregated the right kind, cultivate it and give it to us in the form of Aloe Vera Gel – that I could term ‘the essence of life’.

There are approximately 140 products that are manufactured by this company based on Aloe Vera and Bee products. The Aloe Vera and beehives are cultivated in about 7500 acres of desert land in Arizona. This place has been kept absolutely free of pollution. The vehicles used here are all run on electricity. No chemicals such as pesticides or fertilisers are used on this land and everything is grown naturally.

That is the most important point where these products are concerned. In this blog, I plan to write to you the use of Aloe Vera Gel – just one particular product of FLP.

Why do we need to consume Aloe Vera Gel?

As I had mentioned in the Arogya Deeksha blog earlier, 90% of our physical ailments occur due to constipation. We study at school level, how the small intestine helps push faeces out of our system. When this does not get out 100%, the villi in the small intestine trap this excretia and block the pores in the small intestine. These pores are the gateway to health. When food is digested, the nutrients are absorbed into the body through these pores and the waste is thrown out as faeces. If these pores are blocked, the body loses out on a lot of nutrients and we suffer poor health. The problem continues even if we consume multi-vitamins or calcium in the form of tablets. These are also not absorbed properly by the system.

Aloe Vera
When we drink Aloe Vera Gel regularly, the first job it does is to clean up our intestine – the villi – and regulate absorption of nutrients into the system. The main block for good health is removed.

Aloe Vera Gel acts as a coating against the stomach lining, healing it completely. It heals all parts within the abdomen, to begin with.
Once the digestive system gets cleaned up, the skin begins to glow, automatically getting rid of pimples, acne, etc.
Aloe Vera Gel brings to your body 46 nutrients that you never get from the day-to-day food that you consume.
It’s the best thing that could happen to women as the uterus responds extremely well to the consumption of Aloe Vera Gel. Periods are regularised with menstrual pain and pre-menstrual tension disappearing completely.
Haemoglobin count increases with the consumption of Aloe Vera Gel.

These are but a few of the advantages that I have personally seen happening within our family.

Real life experiences:

1. My husband, since the time I know him (that’s almost 27 years), has always suffered from an irritated stomach. Every time he consumed something that was bought from out, he used to either have loose stools or constipation – both accompanied by stomach pain. Consuming Aloe Vera Gel for but a few weeks has healed his stomach completely.

2. The varicose veins on my legs are reducing by and by since I began consumption of Aloe Vera Gel three months ago. I feel way more energetic then I used to be.

3. My parents, aged 68 & 78, have never been able to cross their legs while sitting on a chair since a few years. After consuming Aloe Vera Gel for just a week or so, they have been able to do that. It’s nothing short of miraculous.

For those who are interested in knowing more or purchasing the product, you are welcome to contact Vigneshkumar Venkatraman, Direct Distributor of FLP on 9920054207.


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