Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sharing: GOODBYE 2010! WELCOME 2011!

Goodbye 2010!
I am glad that we are one year closer to The Golden Age. The world is moving at a fast pace towards the Aquarian Age that will be so full of happiness and peace with the consciousness level of human beings enhanced tremendously. All this is thanks to Amma Bhagavan who have come down to earth to bless MAN with enlightenment. There are already a few thousands of people who have attained enlightenment and Bhagavan has predicted a tremendous pace of progress in 2011. I am really looking forward to this and thank Amma Bhagavan for being here on this earth to bring about this monumental feat.

And more importantly, I am grateful that I am also born on this earth at this point in time, to ring in the Golden Age.

Thank you, Amma Bhagavan, for giving deeksha to millions of people through me – using me as an instrument to bring about enlightenment.

Thank you Amma Bhagavan, for letting me help you in your Avatar purpose – to bring enlightenment to man.

There are also an infinite number of things that I would like to thank God for bringing about in my life in the year 2010. I am but bringing a few highlights to you.

1.    Life has been wonderful for all four of us – Venkat, Vinitha, Vigneshkumar and myself, especially healthwise. We have come into these aloe vera health supplements – Forever Living Products – manufactured by a 32-year-old American company. The best products that I have come across in all the years of my life. Our lives have changed after we started to use these supplements on a regular basis. Now, we can probably bifurcate our life as before FLP and after FLP. Thank you Amma Bhagavan.
2.    Another good thing that came out of this was that Vignesh has taken FLP as his full time business. At present he has grown up to the state of Assistant Supervisor, which is a great thing. This also gives him enough time to pursue his music career. Thank you AB.
3.    Talking of music career, Vignesh has his own progressive death metal band, ORION. Besides that, now he is also part of the power metal band, ALBATROSS. He is the guitarist for the same. Thank you God.
4.    Another wonderful thing was that we could get a music processor, a hi-fi one, for Vignesh. I am grateful to God that we could buy this as it is very helpful in his progress in the music world.
5.    Vignesh got Typhoid in the beginning of September. He was quite ill for a while. But thanks to AB, he had an extremely quick recovery and is as fit as a fiddle today. Thank you AB!
6.    Vinitha’s had a gala year too. She stood first in her college (MBA, Jamnalal Bajaj) for both the first and second semester exams. It is a great achievement for her as she has always been an average student at school and a just above average performer at college. Thank you so much Bhagavan.
7.    As far as Vinitha’s career is concerned, that is also going places. Her name appeared in The Times Of India, not once, but twice, in December 2010. We are all mighty thrilled about the same. Thank you Amma.
December 10, 2010
December 27, 2010
8.    Venkat’s health is way better than it had been the earlier year. His stomach problems are set right forever with the advent of FLP in our lives. Thank you Bhagavan.
9.    Venkat is also busy with our building society work. There were any number of problems that had to be faced in our building this year, especially a major water problem. But Venkat could sort them all with great clarity all thanks only to Amma Bhagavan. He is also enjoying the work, while he is well appreciated doing the same as the secretary of our building.
10.    Major renovations are happening in our building and Venkat is the main person taking care of the same with a bit of help from a couple of others. The building is so wonderful now. Thank you God.
11.    Due to structural repairs in our building, we also had to carry out some renovations at home. All this progressed smoothly and our drawing room appears awesome with box grills and lovely new windows. Thank you Amma!
12.    It is thanks to AB that Venkat, Viggy and I could take a short trip to Govinda Resorts in Lonavla. It was a lovely one. 
13.    I have a cook since the beginning of the year. Tina is a treasure and a great help every morning as she prepares lunch and packs all our dubbas. Thank you Bhagavan.
14.    I have forayed deeper into the blogging world. Besides Flaming Sun that was begun in June 2009, I have two more blogs added to my kitty. There is Cupid Strike Series which is a blog of my romantic novel series. One novel, The Malhotra Bride, is already completed. The second one, Meghna, is on just now.  Then there is Rising Sun – a Project 365 venture. This is a photo blog that features one photo per day on a daily basis. Thank you Amma!
15.    I even have a fan page on Facebook for Cupid Strike Series. It has 140 fans since I started it in November, 2010.
16.    I am so glad that my sister Suja’s daughter Vidya is engaged to be married. It is due to God’s grace that Sujatha and Athimber found a son-in-law very close to home. And I am really looking forward to attending Vidya’s wedding and Vijay’s poonal in February 2011 along with my whole family. Thank you God.
17.    My Thatha passed away peacefully in May 2010. He lived like a legend till the grand age of 97 and was nothing less than a king just as his name suggested. Thank you God for bringing moksham to my grandfather.
18.    As usual, I save the best for the last. May 2010 was appraisal time at work. While the CEO of the company agreed that I did a great job, he gave me a pittance for a raise with a measly 5% hike. I was told that it was because I was already highly paid. With great disappointment, but with unwavering faith in AB, I went and spoke to him for half an hour. Thanks to my Thatha’s skills of persuasion and with God’s super blessings, I got a new letter making my hike all of 20% the very same day. Thank you so much Amma Bhagavan.

Well, that is the end of a wonderful 2010 and I cannot say that I am sorry to see it end. A New Year with wonderful beginnings especially in the field of enlightenment is what I am looking forward too.

Here’s wishing all my readers a WONDERFUL 2011!


  1. Dear Sundari,
    Wish you & your family a great 2011. Thank you very much for the lovely blog on 2010. Wish you & your family & the rest of the world a wonderful 2011. Let the GOLDEN age ring in happiness for everybody due to Amma Bhagvan's Grace.

  2. :) thank you amma bhagavan

  3. sun

    Best wishes for 2011
    Thank you Amma bhagavan

  4. that was a great list of the good things of 2010!
    I am sure AB will grant all your wishes in 2011!