Monday, January 3, 2011


Gajar Halwa
The season is just right for this one. Red carrots are available in plenty. I will not discuss the soaring rate of vegetable prices on this platform ;)


Carrots – ½ kg (peeled and grated)
Ghee – ½ cup
Milk – 1 ½  cups
Sugar – ¾ cup
Powdered Cardamom – ½ tsp
Badam, kaju, pista (a few of each - sliced)
Kismis - 10


1.    Heat a couple of spoons of ghee in a saucepan and shallow fry the badam, kaju, pista and kismis. Remove and keep it aside.
2.    Heat the rest of the ghee in the saucepan and shallow fry the grated carrots in it until soft.
3.    Add the milk and let it cook well till all of it is absorbed and the mixture is turned to the consistency of halwa.
4.    Add sugar and powdered cardamom and cook well for a few more minutes.
5.    Pour the halwa in a bowl and garnish with the fried dry-fruits.

It gets polished off within an hour in my home. You should try it too.

NOTE: You may use condensed milk instead of regular milk. About 50ml should be fine. Do not add sugar in that case.


  1. mouth watering. my favorite too.-shyama

  2. Oh, you've really got me salivating profusely, dear Sundari ji..! Wanna go for this, right now...! Cheers! ;-)

  3. Thank you Shrinathji! Especially for your continued support and encouragement for my blogs.

  4. very yummy, tempting me to make
    just tell me one thing can i use the regular orange carrot too or it has to be the reddish ones, i thnk both are available right now in the market!