Monday, December 27, 2010


On Christmas Day or rather late on that evening, we all took a round of Bandra - Carter Road and Mount Mary predominantly, to have a look at the Christmas decorations. I bring to you a few pictures from what we saw.

The birth of Jesus Christ
This lovely display was at a furniture shop window called 'Damian'. They have fabulous displays for Christmas every year and we always go there to check them out.

Damian - the furniture shop
This is the main shop and Santa and his elves was the centre display.

Santa & gang on a train
As you can see, that is Santa Claus and his elves riding on a train. I thought that this display was simply gorgeous.

Train guard
That's the guard at the front of the train right behind the engine.

Fairy lights
This was in another part of Bandra. I found these fairy lights twinkling outside a restaurant.

Christmas tree!
One of the most important symbols of Christmas - a decorated Christmas tree. I only felt sorry that it was not a real one.

Happy Birthday!
These statues of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary above are bang opposite Mount Mary Church. The area was beautifully decorated for Christmas. This was the first time I went up the staircase. We have always cruised by in our car.

Mother Mary
That's Mother Mary rejoicing her son's birthday, I am sure.

Candle stall
A stall selling candles for lighting at the church at that late hour. We were there at about 11.30 pm

At FLP offices
One more Christmas tree at the FLP offices that we visited on Sunday morning.


  1. wow, that was like Christmas celebrations once again, thanks for sharing all the photos!

  2. Its a beautiful post. Lucky you :)