Saturday, December 4, 2010

Film Review: BREAK KE BAAD

Cast: Imran Khan, Deepika Padukone, Shahana Goswami, Sharmila Tagore, Navin Nischol, Lilette Dubey, Yudhishtir Urs
Director: Danish Aslam

I managed to catch the film a few days after its release as Vinitha was busy with her MBA exams and no one else at home wanted to see it with me.

I know the film had not had great reviews, but so wanted to see Deepika and Imran as I had loved both their earlier films – Love Aaj Kal & I Hate Luv Storys.

Story: Abhay (Imran Khan) and Aaliya (Deepika Padukone) have known each other since childhood. He is a steady influence in her life while her parents’ marriage breaks up. Aaliya grows up into a feisty young woman. Abhay has only one thing to look forward in life – Aaliya. His world revolves around Aaliya and he is not interested in anything or anyone else. He works as a Vice President at his father’s (Navin Nischol) old theatre by default and does not seem to have any other ambition. Aaliya begins to feel smothered by his incessant and focused love for her and begins to rear at the bit. She insists on a break and moves to Australia to study for a year. Watch the film to see what happens when Abhay follows her there within a few months.

My Perception: Don’t really know what to say about the film. I went to see it also because I saw that Kunal Kohli was connected to it. I think he just paid the bills and kept away from the production. I can’t see any of his influence here. Hum Tum & Fanaa were a class apart.

Deepika Padukone – I would like to hope and believe that the lovely actress has way more range than what characters she has been playing in the last few films of hers. She is modern, she drinks, she laughs, she is aggressive, she wants her space…. Why should the characters she play be so stereotypical? Love Aaj Kal and Karthik Calling Karthik had her playing a very similar profile. I don’t know whether Deepika was okay doing the same rote over and over but I got pretty bored.

Imran Khan – I expected way better after seeing him in I Hate Luv Storys and I was extremely disappointed. He constantly had the expression of a puppy dog that had been kicked hard. Come on, the role could have been played much better and with more range. I do agree that there were a scene or two where he was cheerful. But that was a rarity.
You see what I mean!

And the dialogues – ohmygod! I thought they were sharp to begin with. But the actors kept repeating a number of things over and over again. Especially the one about “break ke baad” – why the same set of words that ran for a few minutes at a time had to be mouthed by the hero and heroine at least four times? The mind boggles! It is like someone using a set of keywords over and over again on content on the internet to come up on google search. Ridiculous! Maybe the scriptwriter had nothing else to say. Or maybe the editor went to sleep on his job.

Lilette Dubey has far more potential. What was she doing in the film mouthing dialogues similar to those by Aruna Irani in Dil To Pagal Hai? I was amazed. Can’t an intelligent actress have had a say in what she needed to utter on screen? It is not as if she played the role of an idiot.

Sharmila Tagore, Navin Nischol and Shahana Goswami did alright. Shahana has way better potential but the director obviously could not tap it.

Of all the actors, the best award goes to Yudhisthir Urs for playing the most natural role in the film perfectly. I think that was more to the actor’s smartness and luck than anything to do with the director.

Verdict: The film is out of the theatres. If you have not seen it, you have saved hard-earned money. If you have too much time, you can always catch it soon on TV. That day is not very far away.

Rating: **

* Silly
** Shaky
*** Smart
**** Snazzy
***** Super


  1. Oh Good. Thank you Sundari, from saving us from watching the same thing again & stopping us Break ing our heads afterwards.

    Cool & funny reveiew ;) Thanks for adding this:
    It is like someone using a set of keywords over and over again on content on the internet to come up on google search.

    :D :D I should stop talking to much tech things with you ;)

  2. hahahhahahahhahaha................. that is the best film review i've ever read. .. . BINGO to the puppy face. Imaran Khan - be a man! Dont be sucha suck up dude... Good looks and all but whats the point!

  3. can imagine how imran looked from that puppy cartoon! i dont want to watch the movie even on tv though i like imran!