Monday, March 8, 2010


Well, since the whole world is talking about it, I feel compelled to write about the so-called International Women’s Day.

I wonder how this came about! The world cannot exist without women, so why dedicate one special day to us?

All days of the year are ours, ladies. So, wish all women a super duper Women’s Day, EVERYDAY!


  1. And I can't wait for this wonderful woman (Sundari) to write her next best-selling story. She's an awesome one, this Sundari Venkatraman! ;)

  2. so very true..i totally agree with you.

  3. :) Just today had a text-discussion with a male collegue about this!
    Told him no1's stopping u guys, Go ahead & make your own day.

    He had to say: when some1 dies we celebrate his Day! So What does Woman's day mean? Also this is western tradition. We Indians celebrate each day with our loved one's.

    Asked him: If a day is celebrated when some1 dies, then what's Valentine's day, mother's day, father's day? Well even if all these are western cultured days & we indians are sooo loving: Do u talk softly,sweetly to your wife,mother, father atleast once in a week?

    For this he said: We need to have a long-discussion on this.

    :D Your right Sundari, All days of the year are ours, ladies. So, wish all women a super duper Women’s Day, EVERYDAY!

  4. very true....its such a stupid thing...i am an individual who respects woman it my mom, my sister, my y to just dedicate one single day for WOMAN....

    by doing so i feel as if all the men are compelled to respect woman or congratulate them for being a woman just for that one day...and then stop respecting them after that day...

    Anyways as u have said let me wish all u wonderful women who have come into life a very Happy Women's Year Ahead!

    Hope these dumb heads pass the Womens bill too..

  5. coz every other day are men's day's!!! :=(

  6. A Very happy Womens Day to a Wonderful Woman I know - Sundari :)

  7. Sundari- dedicated to u & all ur readers:

  8. Happy Women's day to you every day! :)

  9. Women's day is symbolic of the political, social and economic struggles of is deeper than just "celebrating" women...

  10. I so agree with you, Sundari, that we are half the world's population -- why do we need a day of our own? Well, maybe, we (as in our kind of women) don't, but the world over, this is a day to recognize that women are being increasingly overlooked in political, social, work and personal terms. Rape and female foeticide are rampant, and not just in India. Britain has just pledged 35 million pounds to stop female genital mutilation in the country -- total reported cases there 65 million. Women are not in the upper corporate strata even in the developed economies -- the US is still to get a woman as even its vice-president. Women are denied their rights even within the home. So this is not a day to celebrate -- it's a day when we have to be sorry that we need a Women's Day at all. Sorry for the rant, but I feel very strongly about the need for Women's Day, but from a very different perspective.

    1. I agree with you Mimmy. Put this way, yes, we do need an International Women's Day - actually more than one. So 365 still works. what say?

  11. Every day is my day. It would have been so even if I was male. Anger, jealousy, love, lust, hatred, compassion etc have no gender. Shubha Yeri.