Thursday, March 4, 2010


I have been to the other branch at New Marine Lines and the food and service there are both fantabulous! We went to this branch just for that reason. We had barely a ten-minute wait on this Sunday and were given a corner table. There were six of us and the hotel serves only Vegetarian thali with a Gujju-Rajasthani flavour.

Flop show 1: The moment we sat, there was a flurry of activity - something similar to a swarm of bees around you - absolutely disgusting. The aim of the waiters seemed to just put everything on our plates and disappear.

Flop show 2: Two-three minutes later, we found that every item was served on only some of the plates - on an average of one item to four plates instead of six. The sweet was missing on two plates, the farsan on some, some or the other vegetable was not served in all the plates. We had to ask for papad for the man to serve it. He did not offer. I am not quite sure what they wanted to achieve.

Flop show 3: They served something in the name of 'chaas' that was horrible. We called the head waiter and told him. He shook the almost empty glass a couple of times and agreed that it did look strange. A few minutes later, a waiter appeared with eight glasses of chaas and we were all excited that he was going to serve all six of us for once. No such luck, he served four glasses on our table and even as we told him to leave two more, he moved on to the next table as if he was deaf.

Flop show 4: The vegetables were all very mediocre and seemed to be cooked in similar gravies. Pretty sad considering that Gujju-Rajasthani cuisine has such a variety of rich flavours.

Plus point 1: The only one, in fact! Every time we had to keep calling for more rotis or puris. At least, they were hot and fresh. The kadi was excellent.

The overall experience was quite upsetting. It appeared as if the only aim of the waiters was to force us to finish eating and leave the restaurant. The place was packed, no doubt, but it definitely did not have people waiting outside in a queue.

Despite the price being reasonable at 1440 for six thalis, the meal left a bad taste in our mouths.


  1. good keep passing info to public..

  2. Excellent review !! W e had a s imilar bad expereince today after paying 270/- per head for a sunday special .Further two items seemed stale BUT they refused to admit the same .They also cleverly serve paan in a humble manner & then fleece you at 15 bucks for the half size paan .TRAINEE SERVERS make the who expereince even worse .NO WONDER ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON WE WERE ONLY 10- 12 OF US in the restauarant .POOR SHOW ,MUST IMPROVE TO GIVE US A BETTER FEELING AND A VALUE FOR MONEY EXPEREINCE !!

  3. this hotel sucks!!!