Sunday, February 21, 2010


Reading some of the user reviews on, I am convinced that this place has had a major overhaul as far as the chef and waiters are concerned.

Plus point 1: The ambience on the first floor was quite nice and the service was excellent with an attentive waiter who did not hover around all the time, which leads me to believe they hire waiters with hospitality education.

Plus point 2: There were three of us - my son, daughter and me. To begin with we ordered Nachos with Mexican beans, a basket of garlic bread with cheese, cold coffee, lemon ice tea and orange sunshine soda. The food was perfectly cooked with the spices and salt just right.

Plus point 3: More than the food, I was impressed with the cold drinks. There was just the right amount of ice. Most of the places I have been to serve a huge mound of ice and by the time I am halfway into the drink, it is totally diluted and I never want to finish it. Here, the cold drinks remained just right till the very last drop and not too sweet as one would expect from most places. We all loved it so much that my son ordered another Peach iced tea.

Plus point 4: Then we ordered a sizzler (I forget the name) that was truly melt-in-the-mouth. It was kind of an Indianised version but WTH - it was yummmmmy and sufficient for all of us.

The bill was around 1250 and that was quite fine for the kind of ambience, food and service. I would definitely go again!


  1. one more place to take me when i come there. Jay and I are yet to go the New Yorker right opp her office inspite of strong recommendation from Suj and Vidya!

  2. I have always passed that place while travelling by road but never tried it. Will try it once. Thanks for the review. :)

  3. What an inventive and appealing name... Orange Sunshine Soda! I'd love to know what the name of your sizzler was! :)

  4. the last time i went to New Yorker (that was 2 yrs ago) it was quite a disastrous place. the pasta was terrible and the nachos soggy. but if they've really got a makeover and you seem to have liked it, i'll go check it out :) thanks!

  5. Have benn to New Yorker's couple of times..somehow i didn't like it :(

  6. i hope someone kind enough at web18 gives me a treat here...u c i am jobless now ;)