Thursday, February 4, 2010


Our newspapers and television channels talk no end about the racist attacks on Indians abroad, for over the past year in Australia and recently in Canada.

I think it is most important to clean up our homes before pointing our fingers outside. The Shiv Sena has been attacking people who have shifted to Mumbai from other states, earlier against the South Indians and now against the North Indians. India has been a Republic since 1950. It is high time that the Sainiks get out of their Rip Van Winkle mode and realise that ‘we are going global’.

It is not enough to just hoist the national flag, parade the various divisions of the defence system, etc on January 26 every year. All the people, especially those holding responsible posts in the government and politicians who have a strong influence over the public, need to set right their attitudes.

Be it caste, creed, language, colour or whatever, we need to understand that we are all human beings. We all cannot be the same as we are not clones. When each one’s fingerprints are different, how can we all be the same?

Then what is the sense in fighting over differences?

Charity begins at home. Set things right within our country, especially our state. Let’s stop dividing people by their states and languages. Let’s not lay waste the efforts made by freedom fighters such as Vallabhbhai Patel and others to make this country one and a Republic at that. Let’s begin to understand that we all belong to one country, one Republic that is ruled by one government.

When we reach a point when not even one finger is raised against someone who belongs to our own country, we will qualify to address the problems our countrymen face abroad.

Let’s not aspire to reach the top of the ladder before setting our foot on Step One.


  1. i wish more emoticons are available for me to show my emotion! this is tooooo goooood. hope the politicians understand that all are one!

  2. So true,what kind of democracy are we staying in, where really big achievers have to apologize for saying they are Indians first and then Mumbaikars or Maharashtrians!

  3. Exactly,its always easy to react over somebody else's mistakes.
    you brought up a very important discussion point over here.

  4. i totally agree. this madness has to stop. and the initiative should be taken here in mumbai. we will never grow if we get stuck with these petty differences. i fail to understand just one thing, how is it possible to knock some sense into these pollutants