Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This was my first visit to this restaurant even though I stay quite close to the area. I don't seriously know how I missed it all this long. It's a quiet restaurant set in the ground floor and with a family section on the first. Neat place, quick and efficient service and tasty food - what more could one ask for?

Plus point 1: The Tomato Soup was well-flavoured and delicious.

Plus point 2: The Veg Kofta Curry and Paneer Babycorn Masala were perfectly seasoned and the hot rotis that came with them were very good.

Plus point 3: The Dal Tadka and Jeera Rice couldn't have been better.

Plus point 4: The best part was the bill which was quite easy on the pocket. Rs. 1275 for four with three beers thrown in seemed very reasonable.

Flop show 1: We asked for Paneer Malai Kabab for starter - my son's choice. I did not relish it as it was too sweet for my taste.

Flop show 2: The Roomali Rotis were not up to the mark.

Will definitely go again!


  1. Is that the Veg Kofta Curry? Looks YUMMY!!

    Y'know, I miss the Malai Kofta that vegetarian restaurants used to serve...the medium spicy orange gravy. They started making it sweeter and sweeter and now Malai Kofta is SWEET, WHITE gravy which makes me want to throw it back at the waiter.

    When I went to Jaipur in 2008, I called for the Malai Kofta at Hotel Saket and it was perfect. Medium spicy orange gravy...YUM YUM YUM.

    And please give us an idea of where this is so I'll know where to head to without thinking whenever I happen to be there! I'm at work and this pic is making me drooooool!!!

  2. Please give the address & ph no if possible. I remember reading the name somewhere but cant remember.

    Thanks for the to the point review :)

  3. are you taking me there when i come? :D

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