Friday, July 28, 2017


All my 20 titles on Amazon #KDP


I owe my thanks totally to Amazon KDP for my freedom—to do what I love while making an awesome income.  

And I feel oh-so-honoured by the recognition I got from them.

Read on to find out how you can also make a successful writing career with Amazon...

Yes, I seem to have managed the near impossible: My 14th title in 13 months! Well, of these, one is a box set (Flaming Sun Collection 2: Marriages Made in India) while another is a second edition (The Madras Affair). But I still feel good about the whole thing since I proof and format my books too, sticking as close as possible to my self-challenged book-a-month marathon.

Sundari Venkatraman (that's me)

It was in June 2016 that I published Tales of Sunshine, a collection of Human Interest short stories. It was three months after An Autograph for Anjali. I suddenly felt unleashed after the constraint placed on me by traditionally publishing The Madras Affair. The contract bound me to stay away from publishing any other title over a period of one year. (I was probably lucky when compared to many of my counterparts is what I hear.)

It was by chance that I came upon a link where I read that Nora Roberts had written and published 24 books in two years. It was inspirational and I was all fired. All it takes is a wild imagination and the grit and discipline to write regularly.

I am lucky that my kids are grown up. I have a supportive husband (he actually has given up, I think), a maid who’s actually a housekeeper, a cook and a few others who make my life easy. Then there are my beta readers—I have two—and my cover designer who have been supportive throughout my madcap ventures. Then, there is The Book Club helmed by Rubina Ramesh. I won't be what I am today without them. 

Let me not forget my readers and fans who have been a great source of joy with their encouraging words, reviews and star ratings. No, I don’t let the critiques sway me. If they have something constructive, I definitely welcome their feedback. Otherwise, I have developed a pachyderm.

And finally, the most important support, the very foundation for my success—Amazon KDP! I am absolutely grateful to Amazon for having given me a platform for what I am today, a successful, well read author with an audience around the globe, while sitting right here at my home in Mumbai.

Are you a writer who aspires to become a published author? Who wants to keep the reins of control in your hands? If you are ready to work for it, then this is a wonderful opportunity for you: Amazon brings you a Contest on #KDP called #PentoPublish with incredible prizes for the winner:

1.       Rs. 10,00,000
2.      A print publishing contract with Westland
3.      You get to be mentored by Chetan Bhagat

I am truly proud to be a part of the Amazon KDP journey, featuring on the panel along with the likes of Mr. Chetan Bhagat and Mr. Ashwin Sanghi while also being highlighted as one of three success stories.

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