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Meghna is the second novel that I penned. It's an entertaining romance with a "Happily Ever After" ending. The ebook also happens to be a #Bestseller on Amazon around the world. Meghna is also available in paperback in select countries.

I remember publishing this book with a friendly warning to my readers. Here you go...

This book has been written only for the purpose of Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment! If you are looking to learn something or improve your lives after reading this work, then this book is not for you. I am not trying to get into competition with the Author Biggies of this world. I wrote this simply for the fun and joy of it. One thing I can promise the reader though: Well proof-read, perfect language that I feel is very important for every book that's written in any tongue. 

An excerpt from my book:

A tear slowly found its way down her golden face as Meghna stood at the window. She dashed an angry hand against her cheek, only to have another one coming right after the first. The shock of meeting Rahul after so many years had taken its toll.
   Life had never been the same after Rahul kissed her. Meghna unconsciously touched her lips. All these years she had waited for him to contact her. And suddenly he was here, larger than life and, she clenched her fists, teasing her mercilessly. It appeared as if the years in between ceased to exist. The tears flowed faster. 
   Rahul placed a gentle hand on Meghna’s shoulder. “Meghna.” She tried to push his hand away in vain.
   “Meghna, look at me.” Rahul right hand came out to take hold of her chin and turn her head to face him. 
   There was no reply as Meghna kept her gaze down, refusing to meet his teasing brown eyes.
   “It’s lovely. Your choice, I suppose,” said Rahul.
   Her head came up at that and she looked at him as if he had taken leave of his senses.
   “The floor - the pattern’s beautiful.” Rahul explained patiently.
   Meghna glared at him, confused.
   “Where are your wits, my darling? Weren’t you trying to draw my attention to the floor? I’m impressed. It looks great,” his expression was serious. 
   “Rahul,” said Meghna, “You’re impossible, incorrigible and, and—”
   “And?” prompted Rahul, his eyes alight with mischief.
   Meghna just managed to stop herself from saying, ‘adorable’. The devil didn’t need her to feed his already swollen ego.
   “And nothing.”
    “Nothing?” Rahul looked at the self-confident woman in front of him. He thought of the young girl - short and plump with no confidence at all - he had left behind. His lips parted in a slow smile. “Why the tears?” He asked in a sudden change of subject.
   Meghna had been watching the morning sun’s rays playing on Rahul’s handsome face, totally absorbed in the dashing figure he cut. She didn’t hear his question.
   “Meghna,” Rahul’s voice came from near her ear, curious at her wandering attention.
   She raised startled grey eyes to his face that was too close for comfort.
   “Why the tears?” he repeated.
   “Forget it. It’s nothing important,” said Meghna.
   “How can I? As you mentioned earlier, it’s barely a few hours since—”
   “Please Rahul. I’m perfectly fine.” Meghna answered quickly, worried that he might leave.
   “Would you rather I stayed elsewhere?” continued Rahul, “I don’t want to upset you.”
   “Don’t be silly, Rahul. Sanjay and Bhabhi will be very upset if you stayed elsewhere.” Meghna refused to look above his shoulder.
   “And you?” A dark eyebrow rose up in query. 
   Meghna didn’t reply. She was afraid of saying the wrong thing. He had seemed like the Rahul from her childhood days in the dining room. Now he appeared to be a sophisticated stranger making demands on her that she didn’t even begin to fathom. He was like a new person. She didn’t realise that the change was more in the way she perceived things, then as a teenager and now as a young woman. 
   Rahul snapped his fingers in front of Meghna’s startled face, “Earth calling Meghna,” he said, his face breaking into a wide grin.
   Meghna brought her rambling thoughts under control and looked at him questioningly.
   Rahul sighed extravagantly. “Meghna,” he said, “Do you want me to leave?”
   “Well,” answered Meghna softly, “if you stay elsewhere, how will you find time to bug me?” She tried hard to look sad. But her twinkling eyes gave her away.
   “That’s my Meghna.” Rahul put an arm around her shoulder. Thank God!  For a minute there he thought he was going to be thrown out. 
   Meghna was just the perfect name for her. Her grey eyes reminded him of dark, rain-bearing clouds. The lightning temper in her eyes and the thunder in her expression added to his conviction. Just now the grey eyes were smiling guilelessly up at him.

If you enjoyed reading the excerpt, you can purchase your copy here: Meghna on Amazon #KDP 

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