Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sharing: Sneak Peek Sunday Snippet from THE MALHOTRA BRIDE

I am sharing an excerpt from my 1st novel, THE MALHOTRA BRIDE as part of Sneak Peek Sunday Snippet, as suggested by Romance Author Devika Fernando.

Here you go:

Akshay did not have long to wait. A group of students came out of the building. You couldn’t have missed Sunita. She appeared the brightest among the dozen or so students who stepped out.
   He caught his breath as he blinked a couple of times to clear his vision. The formal studio portrait had done her no justice. This lovely vision that was walking towards him almost knocked Akshay off his feet. She was too busy chatting and laughing with her friends to notice him. Luxuriant dark brown hair hung to her waist. Her eyes were large and expressive, framed by long lashes. He could not miss the luscious lips as she pouted at someone’s comment. It was not just the boys who were listening raptly to her words.
   Akshay’s observant eyes noticed her taut breasts covered by a plain yellow t-shirt. He moved his eyes away with great difficulty to check out the rest of her hourglass figure that was fitted into dark blue designer jeans. The idea of marrying this vision did not seem so farfetched now.
   He shook himself. Looks were not everything. He could line up a bevy of beauties at the flick of his fingers. But they were quite empty and shallow under their lovely hairstyles.
   He was definitely hooked by Sunita’s allure. He would meet her in the evening, despite a big family hanging around.
   The students passed him by the gate. Sunita didn’t even turn in his direction. A mite disappointed, Akshay shrugged his wide shoulders. Time enough for that in the evening!
   While Sunita pretended to be busy talking to her friends, she couldn’t help but notice the handsome hunk hanging out at the gate. She checked him out from the corner of her lovely eyes.
   But he was too attractive! She had met her share of good-looking men. This one was a class apart.
   He was obviously a couple of inches over six feet and broad-shouldered with a tapering waist. God seemed to have been in an extremely benevolent mood when he created this particular specimen. A very broad and intelligent forehead, dark wings for eyebrows, dark eyes, a long, sharp and prominent nose, chiselled lips, the lower one slightly thicker than the one above and a square jaw. Sunita noticed all this in a flash.
   And here she was stuck with Akshay Malhotra. She sighed in frustration. Her chin jutted out stubbornly. She had her plan and was quite confident that she would send Malhotra packing.