Monday, April 20, 2015

Book Review: THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING IGUANA by Ruchira Khanna

The Mystery of The Missing Iguana
Ruchira Khanna 

My Review

This book, probably the first one in the series “Adventures of Alex and Angelo”, is meant for kids. I am sure the write up and pictures will bring absolute joy to children from Age 3-8. It’s a cute little story of boy detective Alex and his monkey pal Angelo. 

It is written in simple language that will aid your child to show interest in reading. I will recommend this one by Ruchira Khanna definitely. 

The illustrations by Novella Genelza are too lovely and create a perfect background for the story. 

Disclaimer: I received a PDF of this book from the author in return for my honest review as part of The Book Club blog tour. 

The Blurb

Alex and his pet chimpanzee Angelo are the young detectives of their neighborhood. When a friend's pet Iguana goes missing, Alex and Angelo immediately take on the case, and the sneaky reptilian leads them on an exciting chase. How will alex and Angelo use their sleuthing skills to solve this mystery?

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A biochemist by profession she made a mere choice of enrolling herself into a technical writing course. Now, little did she know that this small decision would take her on a path to creative writing and eventually publishing a novel.

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  1. Thank you Sundari for the time to read and review.

    Appreciate your input.

    1. I am also going to fwd this review to Novella for her fine work :)
      I am sure she will love the appreciation!

    2. Thank you Ruchira! Please do that :)