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Book Review: CROSSED & KNOTTED - Composite Novel by fourteen authors

Crossed &Knotted
India's First Composite Novel

My Review

The novel begins with a bang with Sutapa Basu’s first chapter. It makes the reader sit up and take notice. Hey, what the hell is happening? Something incredible indeed! Ayan Pal continues with the second chapter and he has already moved to the next generation. Press you hand against the dropping jaw. Yes, it continues with Shivi’s story – the girl who is fascinated with diaries. Are James and Joseph one and the same as James claims? You need to read the book to find out more. Chapter Three is about Shivi’s friend Siya and her boyfriend Siddharth. He leaves on a trip to the US and barely a few hours later a plane crashes. Siya’s petrified. Is Siddharth safe? This chapter has been penned by Sanchita Sen Das.

The story continues with the introduction of many characters as different authors write each chapter, weaving everything – crossing and knotting – into one long story. I always like reading Deepti Menon’s writing. The Dragon Lady is the chapter penned by Menon. Her characterisation of Kamu is simply amazing and so real - a dangerous woman to reckon with. The other authors who have continued the story are Arvind Passey, Mithun Mukherjee, Avanti Sopory, Bhaswar Mukherjee, Anupama Jain, Amrit Sinha, Monika Nair, Amar Lakshya Pawar, Bhuvaneshwari Shankar and Arpita Banerjee. 

It makes the mind boggle when you think of fourteen people getting together to create a novel seamlessly. I must say it’s an achievement by itself. While the story appears to take off in many different directions, all the threads come together in the end to create one whole. A special kudos to Readomania for this one!

Having said all that, I do have one nit to pick. There were just too many characters, too many incidents; too many life spans, especially 2-3 generations handled together in the same chapter – I have a niggling thought that they have gone a bit overboard. It was kind of difficult to read the book. Like it’s too much at one go. Then again, if you read over a period of time, you tend to lose the thread. 

The Blurb

Crossed & Knotted is India’s first Composite Novel, a book written by fourteen authors in close collaboration with each other. The chapters, each a story in itself, are knotted with one another through characters, events, settings and emotions. The result is a read that criss-crosses through a multitude of emotions bringing out deep rooted human desires. They narrate tales of love and betrayal, suspense and mystery, courage and dilemma, along with hope and resilience. Read it for a taste so tantalizing, that your mind will surely be craving for more!

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Sutapa Basu is an Honours scholar from Santiniketan and holds a Masters degree in English Literature. Her professional career has seen her as a teacher, editor, and publisher. She has worked with renowned international publishing houses like Oxford University Press and Encyclopaedia Britannica. In the last five years of her professional career, she has launched 111 educational titles, 33 CDs and digital products, a language lab and a website. She has also developed and edited over 450 books over the last thirteen years.


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  1. Thanks a lot for your assessment of this composite novel... :)

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thank you for stopping by Arvind Passey! And you are welcome :)

  2. Thanks for highlighting the USPs of this book!

    1. You are welcome Sanchita Sen. Thank you for stopping by :)

  3. Sundari, how did I miss your review? Thank you so much for taking the time out to write such a riveting interview. As always, you are so generous with your praise! Thank you so much, again!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful review Sundari! Glad to know you liked the bok and found my story/chapter - 'The Diary of Joseph Varughese' jaw dropping!

    1. You are welcome Ayan Pal. It was 'jaw dropping' indeed :)