Friday, April 17, 2015

A-Z April Challenge 2015: O for OM NAMAH SHIVA!

O for Om Namah Shiva!
Mohini teaches Bhasmasura to dance while Lord Shiva watches on
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Om Namah Shiva! Om Namah Shiva! Om Namah Shiva!” Bhasmasura chanted again and yet again over many years, patiently awaiting the appearance of his Ishta Devata Lord Shiva. The lord knew the asura’s intentions. But had he ever refused any bhakta’s prayers? Never! Lord Shiva never says ‘no’ to anyone’s prayer. And thus he came down to earth to give darshan to Bhasmasura.

The asura was mighty pleased when the lord appeared before him. Not the smartest person on earth, Bhasmasura had just one boon to ask. He could have asked for riches, land, wisdom, cattle, the most beautiful women, a horde of people to serve him. But no, he wanted just one boon – one that he believed will make him superior to all; one boon that will make him all-powerful; one boon that will make every living being fear him. And he asked of Lord Shiva to grant him the power of burning down to ashes anyone on whose head he placed his hand.

A smiling Shiva granted him exactly what he asked. An excited Bhasmasura went on a rampage, killing human being and animals. Having done with that, he went to Indraloka – where the Devas lived – and managed to kill a few before the rest of them disappeared. What more could he do to establish his power? The dim-witted Bhasmasura went back in search of Shiva. He wanted to place his hand on the lord’s head.

Could the rest of the triumvirate (Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva) sit back watching? Lord Vishnu went to Shiva’s rescue, taking the form of Mohini, once again.

It was up to Mohini to deal with an impossible situation. The lovely maiden lured Bhasmasura with her beauty. She insisted that he should learn to dance before she would become his. He followed her steps as she danced. Soon, she placed her hand on her own head. Following her lead, Bhasmasura placed his hand on his own and got burnt down to ashes.


Ishta Devata – Favourite deity
Asura - Demon
Bhakta - Devotee
BhasmasuraBhasma+ Asura – ashes+demon – A demon who can turn things to ashes

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  1. Aha :D that was a smart move :D Lord Shiva is my Ishta Dev too :) Enjoyed reading this one, especially the way you have described Bhasmasur's wit :D

    Only Time Will Tell

  2. Hah, serves him right! Somehow I was expecting him to destroy himself. Thanks, Mohini! :D

  3. Gosh! I don't know how I missed your posts for A to Z! Glad I found at least now. You are writing on one of my favorite topics. Loved it! I will get back to your previous posts soon. Please give me some time. Happy A to Z! :)

    1. Thank you so much taleoftwotomatoes :)
      will check yours too

  4. I just love this story. Makes me miss my grandmother who narrated all these beautiful stories. Thank you refreshing my memory :)

  5. Ah ha! Bhasmasura was asking for trouble anyway :)

    I did not know this tale, now I'm glad I know!

  6. wow! I knew of Bhasmasura but not how he met his end!

    narrated beautifully!! Shiva was the easiest to please and Vishnu was the cleverest!

  7. I had heard this before but enjoyed reading it again. You write so well

  8. Definitely not a genius, this Bhasmasura :) Interesting story of brain over brawn :)

  9. This was a good one! Intelligence over power.

  10. Like I said in a comment on an earlier post of yours, this is one of my fav stories. Enjoyed reading it in your words.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  11. Hahaha! Mohini does it again.! I sure won't want to cross her path!
    These mythological tales are too interesting.

  12. The devas always knew how to outsmart the asuras. Very interesting story!

    1. Yeah! Basically good triumphing over evil. Thank you Shilpa :)

  13. So true that Shiva never says no to a prayer! Nice!!