Wednesday, August 20, 2014


The Book Club organised a Blog Tour for my second self-published novel MEGHNA. A number of people offered to do the Spotlight for the tour and I felt overwhelmed. This blog is dedicated to these six people.

Adite Banerjie
I met Adite Banerjie through The Book Club. Adite has two published romances to her name through Harlequin. I loved reading both her works.

About Adite:

Adite Banerjie has been writing professionally ever since she graduated from college. After an exciting and fulfilling career as a business journalist, she turned to freelance writing, crunched numbers and wrote reports about consumer behavior and social development issues. Somewhere along the way she got on to the screenwriting bandwagon and wrote scripts for documentaries and spec screenplays for feature films. She was hired by a filmmaker to write a feature script based on a true story. When she penned her first romantic short story she won the 2012 Harlequin Passions Aspiring Authors Contest. Two of her books, The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal and Trouble Has a New Name have been published by Harlequin India. And she is currently under contract to write two more for the same publisher. She lives in Greater Noida, on the outskirts of New Delhi, India, with her writer husband. She loves to connect with readers and writers.

Thank you so much Adite Banerjie for hosting my book on your blog.

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Usha Narayanan
I met Usha Narayanan also through The Book Club. Usha has authored a thriller that’s been published by Leadstart. 

About Usha Narayanan in her own words:

“Be crazy, be creative. That’s been my mantra as a writer and a creative director ― in advertising, radio, corpcomm and web-writing. I turned up the craziness a notch by becoming a novelist, with the freedom to write exactly what I wanted. I started a romcom, changed it into a thriller and sweated and slogged to get the pieces to work together. Research, cliffhangers, suspense, clues, red herrings ― my brain was in a tizzy for days and months. 
Done, dusted off, dispatched. A few rejections, heartbreak. A contract from Leadstart, bliss. Creating a spooky book trailer with images and music I bought online. A tweak here and there, with my editor. Poring over images for the cover. Suggesting the artist turn ‘The’ in the title sideways. The book comes out on FLIPKART and Amazon first. And after some nail-biting suspense, in bookstores. Organised a launch with Suhasini Maniratnam and Rudra Krishna. Great media reviews. Lovely, wonderful blogger friends. I love being an author.”

Thank you so much Usha Narayanan for hosting my book on your blog. I am more grateful that you went the extra mile to create a spotlight all by yourself as the HTML created by The Book Club does not suit your website. 

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Adiana Ray
Adiana Ray is a published author from Indireads. I met her through the publisher. Rapid Falls is the book Adiana has authored. 

About Adiana Ray

Adiana Ray believes in the Zen tenet ‘each state has a 1000 truths’. Every person brings their own unique experiences to a situation, which makes them see things differently and interpret it in their own way.

This is what inspires her to write; trying to see each relationship in a different light, and always having a new story to tell for it. When she writes, her tale could well be a fantasy, but it will be a believable one. Something that could happen to anyone of us or to someone we know. Her focus, above all, is to entertain the reader.

Thank you so much Adiana Ray for hosting my book on your blog.

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Dola Basu Singh
I met Dola Basu Singh via The Book Club. She was kind enough to read and review my book The Malhotra Bride. 

About Dola in her own words:

"My name is Dola and I live in a small and picturesque village in Punjab, India. I am a high school teacher by profession and a writer by passion. I am also pursuing my Masters degree in Computer Applications. Being a lover of books, that’s what I am surrounded by most of the day. Except when I find myself in between the toy-battlefield of my seven year old, or when I am gulping down details of Bey Blades and Transformers, that is."

Thank you so much Dola Basu Singh for hosting my book on your blog.

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Reet Singh
I met Reet Singh through The Book Club. A Harlequin author, I loved reading her published work.

About Reet Singh:

Reet has a romantic soul, partly genetic, but certainly attributable to the romantic fiction she devours by the kilo. When she's not watching romcoms, or doing creative things with wool and a crochet hook, or playing Scrabble, she can be found in the kitchen putting together her 'world-famous' one-pot meals.

Married for three decades, her prototypical tall, handsome, and sensitive hero-husband still makes her heart skip a beat. Writing about love and happy endings feeds her romantic soul; hearing from her readers thrills her.

Having a mother that read to her, she paid it forward, telling bedtime stories to her sons and nieces until they grew too old too fast. As a reaction to them growing up before she knew what was happening, she began writing for older children, and has published children's books on Amazon, for Kindle.

Thank you so much Reet Singh for hosting my book on your blog.

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Sonia Rao
I met Sonia Rao also through The Book Club. I was super-thrilled when Sonia interviewed me on her website. 

About Sonia Rao

Sonia Rao is the NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison (ML) for India region and she loves nothing more than motivating Wrimos to complete the mandatory 50K words of a novel to become NaNo winners because, with four first drafts of novels under her belt, she knows that the thrill of completing a first draft of a novel is unparalleled.

Thank you so much Sonia Rao for hosting my book on your blog.

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  1. You're most welcome, Sundari. Glad to have been a part of your blog tour. Wishing you much success with Meghna and all your forthcoming books!

  2. This is so thoughtful of you, Sundari. Thank you! It was such fun; much to learn too!

  3. This is a great initiative and we are learning so much. I admire your spirit and josh.
    Forever young Sundari!