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Arti Metroreader
I met Arti Metroreader on facebook and later connected with her via The Book Club. While Arti has bought all my books and reviewed them, she also came forward to do an Author Interview with me for promoting Meghna as well as she gave me an opportunity to write a Guest Post on her blog. Thank you Arti for helping with the promotion of my book! 

About Arti Metroreader:

Arti is a doctor by profession and mother of two small children. She loves reading books, especially romances. She’s reviewed a large number of romances on her blog. She has also interviewed a number of authors on her blog.”

Excerpt from Arti’s review:

As with all Sundari Venkatraman books, the plot is simple, the story is sweet and the characters loveable. Meghna’s family is a typical Indian middle class close knit family with a brother, bhabhi and kids. The easy camaraderie between the characters has been beautifully depicted. The relationship of Sasha and Rehaan has been depicted very well.

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Excerpt from Arti’s interview:

Q: I know it is difficult for an author to choose between her books, but which of the three is closer to your heart?

A: First of all, I would like to make it very clear that I love all my books. There are more than three, by the way. If you insist on my choosing, then I would say The Malhotra Bride as it is my first book. The book amazed me as I penned it as I never could believe that I was capable of writing before this one was born.

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Excerpt from Arti’s Guest Post:

I visualise my characters a lot before I create them in words. I see them walk, talk, dress, check them out in different moods and more. I see them interact with one another. I logically think of how a person would react in a particular situation.

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