Monday, April 21, 2014

A-Z Challenge 2014: ‘R’ for RADISH

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Radish (मूली, முள்ளங்கி) is a root vegetable that I regularly use in my kitchen. I use it in sambar, as a salad, in raita or as filling for parathas. The taste needs a bit of getting used to as it is quite pungent. But once you acquire it, you will find that radish is both delicious and healthy.

Radish is a natural diuretic, helping the functioning of kidneys and bladder. It also helps reduce weight when added to your regular diet.

Incidentally, the red variety of radish is what the fairy tale character Rapunzel’s mother craves for when she’s pregnant.

Other health benefits of Radish (Source:

Reduces your risk of cancer
Keeps your blood pressure in check
Good for diabetics
Beats cold and cough
Helps you recover from jaundice
Fights constipation
Helps with weight loss

Radish - there are a few more varieties too
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  1. Great post! visiting from the a to z challenge

  2. My daughter took her time to get used to radish, but she loves it now! Make mooli parathas with lots of love these days :)

    Shailaja @Doting Mom

    1. Hi Shailaja, great health for your daughter especially as you serve it with love in parathas :)

  3. I love using radishes in salads. Recently I started mixing the radish tops with mustard greens because it seemed so wasteful to just throw them out when they were so fresh.