Saturday, January 11, 2014


Jaibala Rao
I got introduced to Jaibala Rao via The Book Club. I can see that Jaibala is fond of romances and I am glad to see the 4-star rating she has given my book. People who read romances on a regular basis surely know what works best in that genre. Thank you for the wonderful review Jaibala!

And the interview! I enjoyed answering Jaibala Rao's questions. There were a couple of thought provoking ones too. I hope I have answered them well too.

About Jaibala Rao in her own words:

"Although new to professional writing and reviewing, Jaibala has lived in a world of books ever since she could read. Outside that Utopia of books, she is academically a Microbiologist and professionally has been an Event Manger and Content Writer. Just like her colourful professional background her interest in books is also spread across various genres. “There is something good in every book”, is a belief she carries while reading."


Recently I got the chance to rekindle my affair with Mills and Boon style romances when I read Double Jeopardy by Sundari Venkatraman. To say that the courting was quick would be an understatement. I fell in love with everything about the book, the story, characters and I sure wanted more. To read a more detailed review click on the image below.

CLICK HERE to read the complete review & interview....

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  1. Yeah ! One more review & interview. Great ! You are famous ! :D