Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Vishwas Manjula Byrappa
I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the 4-star rating given my book by Vishwas Manjula Byrappa. As he says it himself, he is not a fan of the romance genre. Thank you so much for your words of appreciation Vishwas!

About Vishwas in his own words:

"Byrappa is a Philosopher in Love, a Chief Applied Imagineer, a Parenthesis Whore, a Roamer & a Professional Bullshitter. Byrappa is an editor, ghost writer / re-writer and publisher; and has been breaking and taking things apart (Under the guise of testing and/or reviewing) apps, gadgets, games, cameras, mobiles, and websites since the late 90s. After a long crazy ride, he delusionally thinks he can write and has just started to review books."

Book Review

Double Jeopardy by Sundari Venkatraman is short romantic novella, which by judging its cover, looks like a triangle love story, telling the story of Sanya who is caught between her childhood crush for Arth, and the unexplainable feeling she has for Ansh.

What I like…

Sundari has created characters that are at once both likeable and relatable. The characters, their personalities, intentions, relationships, conflicts, and feelings have all been described in a simplistic and effortless manner, yet it still leaves a lasting impression on you.

While parts of the story are predicable, the suspense has been handled very well, giving you a bold and interesting twist. The story also explores various topics like relationship with family, insecurities which rip apart friends, the concept of the crazy thing we call love, sensitive social issues, insensitive society & media, and importantly the journey of a self-discovery, of Sanya, a poster child for Millennials.

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  1. Interesting reviewer ;)
    Good, someone who isnt a fan of romance genre giving it 4 out 5stars. I would say Awesome !

  2. very nicely expressed. Thank you Vishwas. I will definitely read the book a second time after reading your review.