Saturday, December 15, 2012

How I envisage life on EARTH on December 21, 2012!

Strangers hug each other

Archangel Michael: We have told you often, you are and will continue to be the cause of all the rest. Your questions remain. When? You are the key. What? You are the key. How? You are the key. And the larger the scope of change you look for, the more of you are part of the key. Do you understand? So if you are looking for huge changes, spend time giving energy and thought to what those changes will be.
Archangel Michael

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I was quite excited to read this message from AAM as I had been planning to write a blog on what I feel will be the scene on December 12, 2012. What comes after that date can of course only get better.

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It’s barely a week to the dawn of the Golden Age on December 21, 2012. Can you feel the excitement in the very air we are breathing in?

I can hear my heart thudding louder than ever and my pulse fizzing in anticipation of the great times to come.

A few scenes that I could envisage in my mind’s eye:

The air feels so clear and invigorating with not a particle of dust. Pollution is a thing of the past. Can you imagine that!
The sky is a brilliant blue with fluffy clouds floating around
The trees and plants are a brilliant green with love emanating from them as they sway in the gentle breeze with joy
There is no honking as people are not rushing any more to get from one place to another. They take more time to experience the atmosphere and all things around them
Automatically, the lack of noise brings forth the sounds of birds singing and squirrels screeching
The very air is filled with excitement, joy, harmony, unity, balance, love and peace
All the terrible insects, pests, viruses, etc. have all gone back to where they came from and Pandora’s Box is finally shut tight, not to let any of these out
The Doctors are super-excited as they write out discharge sheets for every single patient in their hospitals. All medical tests turn out negative and everyone is given a clean health chit. Well, maybe some of the gynaecologists will find themselves busy as they help welcome new citizens into the world.
No report of a single death
The Police Department enjoys leisure as not a single crime – theft, rape, murder, whatever – is reported. Accidents are unheard of!
The Military, The Air Force and The Navy are deployed on peace missions as war has ended forever in the world
The Fire Department is celebrating the dawn of The Golden Age by singing and dancing with joy
• The Mainstream Media has been going about their work as usual while the newspapers go for print till the Zero hour. Suddenly, everyone AWAKENS at 00.01 AM on 21.12.2012 and they call off the printing of the papers as the news is all negative. There are no printed newspapers available on December 21, 2012 while online updates - all positive - appear as if by magic while everyone in the industry has been working hard through the night.
Strangers stop to grin at one another and share warm HUGs

Into this scenario glide in our Star Brothers and Sisters on their Spaceships to dance along with us in JOY! 

I invite each and every one of my readers to share their views as comments on what they can foresee for December 21, 2012.


  1. I am very grateful to you for the wonderful messages and photographs that you sused to end through mail. We are very much excited on seeing the great messages of Amma and Bhagawan. Every time when I see your message, we are charged, as if we are physically in front of our beloved Amma Bhagawan and talking to HIM.

    We are expecting December 21, 2012, the day, dawn of GOLDENAGE which was repeatedly expressed by Bhagawan in his every speech. The dream of Goldenage, for us, is going to come true now. We are lucky enough to see the same when the Lord is in this very moment with us in the Earth. We are one of the blessed who are alive in this Earth at this moment and lucky to breathe the air that HE breathes and HIS THOUGHTS AND PRESENCE.

    Thank you Sundariji. Keep doing the good work. Please keep in touch.
    You may get more details about us through Mr. Chandrashekar.
    With Goldenage wishes,
    A true sevak of Amma Bhagawan,

    At the Lotus Feet of my beloved Amma Bhagawan,
    JDR, Santhi, Saranya

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback JDRji, Santhiji and Saranya :)