Friday, January 6, 2012


The entrance to Kapali Koil. That's my sister Jayashree 

Writing about temples, especially those in Tamil Nadu, is my sister Lakshmi’s forte. Check here for her Temple Trails of Tamil Nadu.

One of the Gopurams. This type is special to Tamil Nadu Temples. Isn't it gorgeous?

I visited Kapali Koil in Mylapore during my recent visit to Chennai. I was going there after more than a decade and felt quite nostalgic. I am sharing here a few pictures that I had clicked there.

The cows and a bull that are kept on the temple premises
While the temple’s main deity – Kapaleeswarar – is a Shivalingam, the temple is more renowned for the Ambal presiding there – Karpagambal.

The huge prakaram where we did the pradakshinam
Jayashree and I entered the Karpagambal Sannidhi and saw the beautiful Ambal. Paying Rs. 20 per person, we managed to get quite close to the sanctum sanctorum and had a good darshan.

Another Gopuram
Next in line was Kapaleeswarar and then came Subrahmanyar with his consorts. We did a pradakshinam around the huge prakaram - compound - and saw the many other sannidhis.

The peacock performing the puja. I could not get a clearer shot as the Sannidhi was locked
There was one small one of a Peacock offering flowers to a Shivalingam. I believe this was the reason why the area is called Mylapore – where a myil (peacock) offers its prayers to the Lord.

The third Gopuram
The temple has four huge gopurams - towers - that look simply gorgeous. These are usually built over the entrances that are placed in four different directions - the north, south, east and west. I managed to click a few pictures of those.

Finally, we reached the dwajasthambam - flagstaff - where we did a namaskaram and stepped out with a feeling of satisfaction.

The sculpture decorating one of the Gopurams - you can see the peacock praying and the second half is of
Shiva and Parvathi
This sacred tank is outside the temple. It was full due to recent rains. Watch the sunlight dance on the water
The flower-vendor at the temple entrance was quite thrilled to have her photo taken


  1. nice review :). I must have gone when in school so good to see it here again.

  2. good one. Incidentally we went to the temple yesterday morning.


  3. @Nilima
    Oh, you have been to chennai, is it?
    that's nice to hear :)

  4. @Suja
    wow! That's the one thing I really miss about living in chennai - the temples and their huge compounds - nothing can beat that. sigh.......

  5. very beautiful, i loved the photo with the sculpture of Mayil praying to Sivan on the gopuram with a kutti bit of blue sky showing!
    hmm, this is one place that makes me feel bad about not staying in Mylapore!

    1. :D:D:D
      thanks. I agree with you totally about living in Mylapore