Monday, January 30, 2012


Paranthe Galli @ Chandni Chowk
If you are a hygiene freak, then this place is definitely not for you. But what the hell, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience

I have heard of Chandni Chowk in Bollywood films. The one that I recall instantly is Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham – Kajol’s character lives at Chandni Chowk.

A variety of curries, chutneys & salad

Being quite fascinated with the idea of visiting Chandni Chowk, I went along with Vinitha as she took me to Paranthe Galli at Chandni Chowk that is quite famous for the parathas served.

What I saw of Chandni Chowk were narrow streets teeming with pedestrians, cycle rickshaws, hand-carts loaded with goods and some motor-bikes vying with the lot. I have been to similar areas at Kalbadevi in Mumbai and Kothavalchavadi in Chennai. The streets at Chandni Chowk are the narrowest of the lot.

Mattar filling
We managed to walk through a few of them before we reached Paranthe Galli. We crossed many wholesale shops selling wedding refinery, dress materials, saris and a whole lot of other things on our way.

The weather was extremely cold and we were glad to reach the small eateries that had stoves at their entrances where the parathas were being fried – yeah, you read right. They deep-fry the parathas here. There are a number of these paratha outlets next to each other. All are busy with a roaring business.

The parathas being made
We had to wait for a few minutes before a table got free. Tables and chairs were crammed into a tiny area and they were all continuously running full. I saw a number of office-goers and students eating at the outlet that we went to.

The deal here is that you are given a plate with three curries and two chutneys – theeka, meetha – along with salad. These are unlimited. It is compulsory that you order 2 parathas per plate. They don’t mind if two people share a plate.

There was a wide variety of parathas – mattar, mooli, hari-mirch, cauli-flower, cheese (this was actually cottage cheese aka paneer), mixed vegetable and many more options. The parathas ranged from Rs. 40 to Rs. 60 depending on the filling. There is no separate charge for the curries and chutneys that are served on the plate. The combo was unbeatable.

Delicious & Cool Sweet Lassi
Moreover, they are ready to serve a mudka full of cool sweet lassi from across the street. This was simply delicious.

The parathas came fast – yummy and hot in the cold weather. Vinitha and I managed to gobble five parathas between us as we were very hungry after walking around a lot.

We moved out fast as there were a few more people waiting to get inside.

On your next trip to Delhi, don’t miss a chance to taste the parathas at Paranthe Galli at Chandni Chowk.

A word of caution: The area is not considered very safe after sunset.


  1. Yummm ! Making me hungry in the middle of the night Sundari :X ! ;)

  2. Dear Sundariji,

    Without any prejudice I would hasten to add here that we ate such paranthas from the street side when we went to Vaishnodevi and by road to Golden Temple some time last year. You rightly mentioned that the food although hot is not served hygenically. Also, what a combination, hot parantha plus cold curd!! We had to queue up at Amritsar Railway Station toilets!! I heard some tamils whispering, no more to north!!

    Best regards,
    Ravi Nair

    1. I have to mention here that the food served here was not that bad. In fact, it was quite tasty and had no harmful side-effects on either of us. Just that, they don't maintain too great hygiene standards. The vegetables and parathas were quite fresh at that.

  3. For those of you who have not visited Shimla as yet, I would give a good tip. There is Taradevi temple there at the top of the mountain, going by road is really an experience. Food is very hygenic, aloo parantha is pretty well served on the road side. Of our moving around at least once a year, we found Shimla weather too good even in May-June, untiring mountains and steps made easy to climb up and down. Mall Road particularly is very well kept, the cantonment ensures cleanliness even of the roads, littering roads, even cutting trees in your own house could attract punishment from the government, life is so disciplined you can rely on a better life! Different variety of trees, plants and flowers will leave anyone astonishing, of course, if you have some taste towards them. What is more, Shimla to Kalka travel by Toyo train is a life time experience!

    Best regards,

  4. Paranthas at paranthe wali gali are the best. they have hygenic restaurants across Delhi widely known as "Gali Paranthe Wali".

    This is the closest restaurant to my house, and food is awesome. People who are hygiene conscious, can visit this outlets. I personally enjoy any kind of Good Food - either on streets or big restaurants.

    Aunty, if we meet na, i will show you some of the best places to eat drink (not to mention; delhi sells drinks at a very low cost) and visit.

    1. wow! that sounds yummy :) I am sure this will be useful to the readers of my blog who are planning trips to Delhi

  5. pratha or pranthas are actually a must in almost every home in punjab.The rich contents are required to those who work hard in the fields.But the type of pranthas are served at chandni chowk are the worst in terms of hygiene and quality. Just imagine the prathas are deep fried in the oil boiling continuously...the loss of total aroma and the healthy contents of upper layer as well as the inner filling.
    people who never had the chance to eat the real pranthas can only eat here...but who knows about the real preparation..will never like this.
    I am quite expert in making of all type of pranthas...the pranthas looks so tempting being done on tawa..after cooking from both the side then we put desi ghee on both side and it turns into golden brown.
    Have some pickle, home made white butter and then tea....


    1. if ever you need, will post you the can make far better and tasty pranthas at home...
      Pranthe wali foot !

    2. Hello,
      thank you for your comments. I completely understand what you mean. It was but an experience.
      I know the type of parathas that you are talking about - the original version made on tawa with desi ghee, et al
      This is a recipe from my blog

      But I would love to have an original Punjabi recipe if you are okay with sharing. Thank you very much!