Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have been hearing Bhagavan speaking from within me as my ANTARYAAMIN (Inner Voice) and guiding me in many different ways from January, 2003.

I have spoken about this to my family and many of my friends. Now, I have decided to put some of this learning into my blog.


Sundari: Will there be desires once we move into 5-Dimension Earth?

Bhagavan: Most definitely yes. You must understand that ‘Desire’ is the very basis for creation and consequently growth. If there is no desire, you will tend to stagnate and that is not acceptable to the soul or God, however you choose to call it.

Sundari: Then how come we feel so mixed up and sad with so many ‘wants’ unfulfilled?

Bhagavan: Let’s not get ‘Desire’ and ‘Want’ mixed up. ‘Wanting’ is a state of ‘Lack’. I hope we are clear about that. When you ‘want’ something, it means that you don’t have it.

The Universe is ABUNDANCE!

When you believe that deep within you that something is NOT THERE and seek it in terms of ‘wanting’ it, you never get it. Do you understand that? You are asking for something that you are convinced from deep within that is just not there. That is the state of ‘want’ and this soon leads you to desperation. The more desperately you ‘want’ something, the further it moves away from you. You must understand that the conviction deep within you is that what you are ‘wanting’ is just not available.

Whereas ‘Desire’ is to wish for something that you know is very much there for you, brought to you from the Universe that is ABUNDANCE itself. There is no question of whether you will get it or not. The thought is born within you that you wish for something or wish to be something and ‘lo and behold’, there it is. There is no choice but for you to receive this. Desires are meant to be fulfilled. And this is the life you will find on 5-Dimension Earth.

Sundari: But how do we change from the state of ‘Want’ to ‘Desire’?

Bhagavan: This is quite effortless and will become automatic when you ascend and become a Mukta. You will realize from within your whole BEing that the Universe is ABUNDANCE itself and there is no ‘want’. Once, your BEing is clear about this, you will grow away from the state of ‘Wanting’. Then, whenever a ‘Desire’ is born from within, you will realize that it is the most natural feeling and you will also understand that the whole of the Universe has been waiting only for that moment, to make you realize your dream. That is all!

Sundari: Thank you so much Bhagavan! :D

So, if you have a prayer, a wish, a desire, go ahead and seek it from the Universe (ABUNDANCE).

Uttering this shloka will help after making your wish clear to the Divine:


How many times? As many as you wish to!

Should it be in the morning or evening? Whenever, even bedtime! I am most at peace praying while sitting on my bed late in the night. No visitors, no phone calls, etc. to interrupt me.

Should I have had a bath? Should it be before I have had my breakfast or lunch or…? Does not matter. There is not a time or a place when/where the Divine is not there with you.

Another tip that I learnt from my Antaryaamin:

Uttering shlokas is great, but most of the time, we don’t understand what we are saying in these prayers that are usually in Sanskrit. While the Divine understands all languages! Speak to your God as you would to your friend, father, mother, brother, sister or whatever. That works for the best! God is my BEST FRIEND!

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  1. Hey, thank you for sharing this! as usual, this has given me answers to my recent question (question I thought of last night!)
    Looking forward to more conversations everyday
    Lov, Lak

  2. Sundari, I enjoyed reading the article.
    Nandita C

  3. Thank you Lakshmi, I am so glad that this was so useful to you :)

  4. sun Gr8 I like this.

  5. Yes, sundari, i welcome you with more and more experiences to read!