Tuesday, November 9, 2010


What is it about the Obamas that makes us want to get closer, hear the speeches and get to know the interactions and more?

I heard a few people on TV say that the Indian media is giving too much coverage to the US President’s visit. It was mentioned that the US media would not care two hoots about our President’s visit to their country. There was a channel that went on and on about the 900+ crore rupees spent on security and what a waste it was, etc.

But what really struck me were these points at the end of the Obamas’ trip to India:

1.    Both Barack Obama and his wife Michelle came across as very down-to-earth with no pomp or ceremony governing their actions.
2.    There was an innate honesty in everything that Prez Obama uttered, I thought. A very rare thing that could be seen in politicians.
3.    When Barack Obama spoke about Mahatma Gandhi, it was obvious that he meant every word he said. Could any of our local politicians swear by the Mahatma’s principles?
4.    I could not see the US President making any promises that he did not intend keeping.

I, for one, was totally enamoured with the President’s visit to our country, his speeches and especially the Q & A at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. One part that I liked best from this was: 

“It's hard to preach to an empty stomach. If people have severe, immediate material needs - shelter, food, clothing - then that is their focus. And economic growth and development that is self-sustaining can liberate people, allow them - it forms the basis for folks to get an education and to expand their horizons. And that's all for the good.”


  1. Dear sundari,

    I really enjoyed reading about President Obama's interaction with the students at St.Xavier's college in Mumbai,i really enjoyed his speech in the Lok Sabha.Both he & the first lady were very simple & were very simple,can't imagine a President of U S A being so simple,they were humane,i was really touched!Thanks.Savithri J Rao.

  2. Good, short, to the point post. Everything we discussed :)

  3. i am the biggest fan of the man

  4. that was a very nice post on Obama's visit!