Friday, June 4, 2010


Sunday, May 30, 2010 was indeed a very important day in the history of Mumbai city. Amma and Bhagavan gave darshan to tens of thousands of people at the MMRDA Grounds at Bandra-Kurla Complex. It was indeed a momentous occasion for humanity.

People thronged the grounds despite the sunlight and heat, eagerly awaiting the darshan of Bhagavan on two huge screens set up at the front. The programme began with a Kalash Pooja and later on a few people shared their experiences after attending Oneness Programmes. These included the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.

Bhagavan came on screen to take the Mukti Class in detail. It was on similar lines to the one that happened in the month of April at Ghatkopar. Only this time, Bhagavan explained everything elaborately, about the times to come and how attaining Mukti will help keep one safe from all kinds of calamities. The darshan and talk lasted almost half an hour.

After that, we meditated for 49 minutes as instructed by Bhagavan while we all took Paduka Deeksha from Deeksha-givers. Then it was time for the highlight of the event - Darshan of both Amma & Bhagavan. It was just SUPERB! They were on screen for 20 minutes and gave Deeksha and Blessings to all those present. I could just feel the love emanating from the two of them. I am so glad that all four of us in the family could attend the same.

There was a live telecast of the programme on Sanskar TV from 6.30 to 8.30 pm and I am glad that my sisters and parents at Chennai could see it.

I saved the best part till the last. My daughter, Vinitha and I had told at least 25 people about the darshan and invited them. Only Vinitha’s friend, Vinayak Kamath, turned up for the programme.

The lucky guy had miracles happening to him the very next day. The company he works for had not given Vinayak a bonus for two years and they gave him a letter declaring a bonus of Rs. 97,000 and also a hefty pay hike. The more Vinayak said “thanks” to the Srimurti, more things began to work out – all those things that had been pending for so long.

This is but one of the many miracles that are happening around the world. Thank you so much, Amma Bhagavan, for taking care of all of us.


  1. Nambinor Keduvathillai--Idhu Nanku Marai Theerppu!(Bharathi)