Saturday, June 26, 2010


The place is your typical low-profile eatery with comfortable tables and chairs. The food served is always hot and fresh and the waiters are quite friendly. It is not s place to hang around. You go there, order what you want, wait but a few minutes to have it served, eat it, pay your bill and leave.

Plus point 1: The food is excellent, perfectly flavoured and served just right. What more could you ask?

Plus point 2: They are well-known for their Rice Sevai (both coconut & lemon flavoured) and then there is the Kela Bhajji, Aloo Bonda and Dal Wada that are yummy.

Plus point 3: I usually prefer to take a parcel of sambar and vegetables for eating with rice. They also give rotis for parcel. One plate of sambar or vegetable (sukka & gilla – dry and with gravy) costs just Rs 10. And the best part is that the stuff they give you for takeaway is extremely fresh and piping hot. I take it all the way from Matunga to my home in Sion. I did just that yesterday and we had a delicious dinner of yellow pumpkin sambar, cabbage and carrot dry curry and paduwal in gravy.

Plus point 4: I have to add here that they also sell South Indian sweets and savouries such as Jhangri, Mysorepak, Murukku, Ribbon Pakoda, etc. The Mysorepak that I bought there just melted in my mouth. Just awesome! The Murukku was delicious too.


  1. omg wat a yummy recipes,want to crab the leaf...

  2. Nice review. A perfect place to visit when I visit Mumbai. I would have never known this place until u mentioned it and thanks for the same.

  3. Thanks.To maintain the standard without diluting the quality is very rare.We wouldn't mind paying them remunerative prices in that case.Where is this situated in Matunga? Who serves in plaintain leaves these days?We get only a small plate with half a dozen katories in the size we used for serving ghee.A welcome post.

  4. @ KParthasarathi
    Thanks for the comment. Mani's Lunch Home is opposite Bajana Samaj and on the same line as Shankara Mattam in Matunga. They also serve a special meal - Onachappadu - on Onam at a hall across. Crowds throng there for the same.

  5. Yummy yummy... south indian food. My friends could kill for this... No wonder south indians tend to put on weight :)

  6. yeah i remember the murukku and mysorepak from there. ofcourse nothing to beat vazhai ilai saapadu!