Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We went for the late night buffet looking forward to the experience. There was my husband Venkat, my son Vignesh, myself and a friend Suresh.

Well, my son and I were quite excited as it was our first visit to this hotel. The atmosphere was quite stylish and befitting a five-star establishment. But the food served was a different story altogether. Mediocre is the only word to describe it.
Plus point 1: The desserts section had a large variety and most of them were delicious!

Funny that I started with the desserts but then I prefer to list the plus points before taking up the minuses. And this is the only one as far as this restaurant is concerned.

Flop show 1: A straight average for the food and service. The food was just OK and most of it was cold – I mean those dishes that were meant to be served hot. It was not a cold buffet.

Flop show 2: I had heard a lot about the quality of black dal that they serve and was quite eager to taste it. Yuck! It tasted like it had been made the earlier week. The best black dal that I recall is from Barbeque Nation at Khar (W).

Flop show 3: For the kind of price that we paid, it seemed as if the five-star restaurant was just taking its customers for granted and could not care less.

This dinner buffet was an experience that I would not want to repeat.


  1. :) good 1 Sundari.Hope to give this a miss thanks to u :)

  2. :) looks like only the desserts are good in five star hotels!