Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sharing: MAY DAY

The 1st of May is called May Day internationally and is celebrated as Labourers' Day. Locally it is called Maharashtra Day. I believe that I am an Indian and have a global sense of belonging and so will stick to the concept of May Day, a celebration for workers.

I dedicate this blog to my home helpers who do their best - which is a lot - to make my life a great one.This is Jaya - she is kind of the head of my team of helpers. She washes vessels, clothes, dries them, gives the right ones for ironing, cleans the house, does the jaadu-pocha and umpteen other tasks that are required to keep the home front going. She is a treasure and I really appreciate and cherish her. She is truly a God send! She is very professional in that she takes leave only when necessary and does not stand me up every other day like some people do.

The second in line is Muni. We go back over twenty years. She is into her fifties and cannot do very heavy work. She cuts vegetables for me, artistically, in fact. And she is the stand-in just in case Jaya falls sick. I can always rely on Muni to help me in times of trouble. God bless her!

This is Tina, my most recent discovery! Or should I say that she found me! Her cooking is divine. And most importantly, she does it with love and never loses her cool even if do so at times. She is totally regular and refuses to take an off unless I insist. A gift from God indeed! She makes my life way easier in the mornings, leaving me time for my yoga, meditation and exercises.

The last pair of pictures belong to Shaila and her cousin who make garlands of flowers. They supply to our home come rain or shine and have been doing so for over more than 20 years. I really appreciate their work. God Bless!

Of course, there are many more people who are a great help in my life on a regular basis, my vegetable vendor, the lady who sells bananas, my watchman who also gets the milk home every day and Afroze, my beautician. Only I don't have pictures of all these people. This blog is all about how I totally appreciate each and every one of these people. Thank you all!



  1. That was a nice way of recognising our home friends,without whom our lives would have been difficult. Loved it.

  2. Its the best blog ever written mummy, i mean there is little recognition that these folks get. all we need to do is acknowledge and appreciate what they do for us (on a regular basis)and m sure their day is made. On occasion of Labourers' day i appreciate them from the bottom of my heart. (Also, tounge in cheek, i get saved from every little work at home thanks to these guys. Hahaha)

  3. Hey good day Sundari,
    A good post! We really many times forgot to acknowledge these people who are like angels in real life for us. Thanks for doing that. As far as your tiffin is considered we got to meet Tina whom we now know along with the tasty food she makes :)
    I had a great 1st May day too & really informative 1 as to why 1st May is Maharashtra day & its importance to the people of Maharashtra. Check my blog, im sure you will. Thanks in advance.

  4. Sun

    Superb work
    They all really need appreciation for all the work. ofcourse without them very difficult.

  5. A very innovative way to remember The International Labour day. For us, only these people matter, who give their support to us in the real sense. You have rightly dedicated to these people, without whom our daily life would have been in a mess. When they come to work, we always tend to take them for granted, and admonish them for being ir-regular, some times, just because we pay them what they demand, but looking from their side, just look at their dedication and enormous patience (when they adjust their timings to suit our situations, when we are pushed to a corner). Such kind gestures of these people are truly amazing.
    Your blog should be an eye opener for many house wives who have an habit of frit and fuming with this class of people.

  6. very sweet blog! so true that we cannot manage without their help!