Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It’s a very hot summer this year, the worst probably in the past half a century. And if the cribbing and complaining that we hear could have a positive effect on the atmosphere, the weather should have got cold. But, alas, that is not so and the irritation and heat is just building up all the more.

Some cool ways to beat the heat:

1. Drink Coconut Water every day. It cools your system like nothing else can. It also replaces the salts that you lose in sweating.
2. Wear cool cotton clothes in soft, summery shades or white as they absorb the least heat. Avoid dark colours, especially black, as they absorb the sun rays and burn your skin.
3. Use glares to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the midday sun.
4. Eat light meals with little or no oil and drink loads of water to feel energetic.
5. Water melons are available in abundance. Cut it up and eat it or make a juice and drink it to cool off. Avoiding sugar will help here as consuming more and more sugar only makes one thirstier.

I can hear some of you say, ‘I have done all these and more but still my body feels hot and irritated. Help!’

Here is the help – Simple and easy. A breathing technique that will definitely cool you down; tried and tested on me and my family members!

Take a deep breath through your nose and let it out through your mouth with your tongue folded lengthwise to form a tube. Check the picture for the correct way to do it. Do this but 5-10 times – will take you probably 2-3 minutes a day – and see the difference.

No eye-burn, no bad stomach, no rashes, no whatever!

In the picture: Vinitha
Picture Courtesy: VigneshKumar


  1. hai sundari,
    Useful and timely tips. We r just simmering in ahmedabad. Mercury is hovering around45*.

    Hey! i got to see vini after so many years. Really looking great. She looks cute and cool!
    give my love to her and vignesh for their kind courtesies.

  2. :D, so true, this exercise really helps! thank you!

  3. vini looks so nice! love both of u!

  4. The breathing technique seems new but easy to follow.Thanks

  5. superb tips sundari. I daily use the breathing technique since the day you told me. Use it also when my temper starts shooting up ;).