Monday, May 10, 2010


Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday of the month of May, the 9th this time round. I find the whole concept strange on having one day fixed for revering one's mother. But then again, it is a fad today to choose one day to celebrate one thing. I am using this opportunity to introduce my mother to my blog readers.

The grand lady who gave birth to me so many years ago is Vijayalakshmi. The picture at the top is how she looked a couple of years before she gave birth to me.

My mother was barely 18 when I was born to her and I am her second-born. She was very young (just 15) when she got married to my father Durairajan and while he was living with his parents and has only one younger brother, to this day, my mother helps and guides a string of cousins and their families from both branches of the family - my grandpa's and grandma's.

My mother loves to cook and more than that, loves to feed people. Anyone who turns up at our house, never leaves it hungry, to this day.

She is a very strong personality and has always guides us when we are confused. She is the one who introduced me to positive thinking. In those days, it was more important for women to get married than to study. Along with my father, my mother was the one who encouraged all of us five daughters to become graduates.

My mother is very good at organising events, especially weddings - along with my father. It is sad that they never took it up as a profession but have always helped and guided anyone who needed it. Their experience is obviously rich considering that they have conducted the weddings of five daughters.

I dedicate this blog to my mother on Mother's Day. It is a day late but then I had spent Mother's Day with her at Chennai, so I suppose it is perfectly alright.

The second photo on the right is my mother holding my daughter Vinitha when I became a mother myself.

The third photo on the left is my mother as she is today.

Photo credits: Lakshmi Ranganathan


  1. Hi senti happened. I luv uuuuuuuu

  2. Hey, its a warm post, if I may say it :).Happy Mother's day to u & ur mom. Glad to meet her this way, makes it really special. Kudos to all our mom's,grandmom's,aunties,.... Agree that 1day is just not enough to honour their efforts & love.

  3. How come all mothers are like this. You seem to be describing my mother when I read through your post.

  4. Hi Sun

    Great you have blogged about amma.
    will take a print out for her to see tonight.


  5. very nice blog.....
    it's very touching to see the mothers love....

  6. Very nice post and a true tribute to ur mom. Loved the clicks too. Touching read.

  7. I read one of the comments, particularly of subu. yes the word MOTHER personifies these qualities. Only their look changes but the quality about her mother as depicted by sundari is universal. These qualities are synonimous with this word "MOTHER". That is why I Feel,this ONE relationship is as unique as relationship with "GOD" HIMSELF.
    We simply cannot Fathom the depth of unconditional love that we have been experiencing all through our life and we simply cannot value that in terms of anything for the love and care that we have been receiving, except expressing our Gratitude to both our Mother as well as to that "God" within ourselves, who accompanied us right from our mother's womb.

    Blessed are those people who are able to sense this.

    Long live Sundari and her family.

  8. Hello. Nice post. I am because my mother is. I think that says it all. I don't particularly celebrate Mother's Day but I am sure of one thing - her presence is the anchor of my life and I know I am taking too many things for granted at this point.

  9. I agree with Subu , who said, I also felt the same when i was reading this, I thought u were describing my mom . Though she is a graduate, she never got an opportunity to make her career, so she made it point that her only daughter (that is me :D) should do something in her life.
    I really hope and pray that I also become a very very very good mom just like her.
    And yeah Kudos to u too and all the other moms I know.

  10. I love you Amma, I love you Sundari!

  11. this is such a sweet blog post, sundari. really sweet that you dedicated it to your mom :-)

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