Friday, January 22, 2010

Food Review: PIZZA HUT @ FORT

I saw this lovely picture of hot soups on the Hyderabad page of burrp and decided that I wanted to have soup last night. My son wanted pizza and so we all decided to go to pizza hut.

Flop show 1: There was a choice of two veg soups and since I am not too fond of mushrooms we opted for the tomato and basil one. It obviously came out of a can while the basil was burnt. Luckily for us, they offered to take it back, but there was no more stock of tomato soup. And while my husband and my son had chicken soup, I just watched on. :(

Flop show 2: We ordered a number of starters, out of which only the garlic bread exotica was good. Potato crispy was okay; cheese tortilla is not worth talking about and the nachos and salsa was just plain horrible. The nachos were definitely from a packet and old stock at that.

Flop show 3: My husband had a cold and so asked for hot lemon tea. The waiter brought a cup and saucer, hot water in a jug, a tea bag, a container with packets of milk powder, sugar and sweetener and a tray with lemon wedges. I requested him to make the tea. He added water, placed the tea bag within, added sugar, milk powder and squeezed the lemon into it. He gave a spoon to my husband and asked him to stir and drink it and left. My husband was startled to see a kind of fermentation and asked me what was going on. The milk powder had curdled. They were all profusely apologetic and brought him another cup of tea made properly, etc. But what the hell!

Plus point 1: The pizzas we ordered, cheesy bites with fiery vegetables and garden fresh vegetables were both very good. The place is a pizza joint, so be careful and avoid everything else.

Plus point 2: The service was just awesome!


  1. what an experience! will ensure not to eat anything else but a pizza at pizza hut! thank you

  2. Sundari its past lunch time. Im hungry, still to have lunch & you post this!!! The pic tempted me but the review is killing my appetite. I better rush & have lunch else it will be nashta & tea time soon.

    I am not too fond of Pizza hut,Dominoes,... I prefer the Indian versions of Pizza joints: Garcia, Smokin Joes,... ;)

    bye. tc.

  3. the picture is mouth watering....i copletely agree with the service ...