Monday, January 18, 2010


The 28th Rose Convention was held at the Kalina University Campus over this weekend. The university grows 221 varieties of roses or so I heard. I never got to see them when I went there for the show.
Special types of roses were entered in the contest from 20 states of India. I went on Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Kavita Vinod Khanna was the chief guest who arrived just then. Luckily, the viewing of the flowers and the formal programme continued simultaneously without any break.
There were about ten pots of rose plants placed outside in the garden. There were single roses and those in clusters in a myriad of colours, looking just gorgeous.
I learned quite a number of new terms while viewing the display in the main hall.
Rose Polyantha is a small plant that will cover itself with trusses of tiny blossoms.
Rose Floribunda are those flowers that grow in clusters.
Hybrid Tea Roses are the most popular in the world. They are a cross between hybrid perpetuals and old fashioned tea roses and are rose royalty.
There were more than a hundred roses that had been part of this contest. They looked gorgeous – the abovementioned varieties, single roses, bunches, roses in different stages of bloom and what colours! There were very many shades of white, cream, yellows, orange, vermillion, red, green (yeah, there were green roses too) and pink. There were combos too that were a visual treat.
One cream coloured bloom was a wide as at least three inches. I was zapped!


  1. Wow Sundari, it must be wonderful to see how many local varieties of roses we have right?
    When I visited Chandigarh Rose Garden last year it was really a treat to the eyes, around thousand varieties of roses and the site is amazing. I guess you must have experienced the same at Kalina University

  2. i am JJJJJJJJJJ. how many times you see the roses, it is a great thing to look at! ivalo technical informationa? just great! the photos are beautiful

  3. Hey, nice description. Wish I could've been there to see the show. Roses are a delight to the eyes always. The last rose garden I visited was at Kew Gardens, UK (on the outskirts of London). it was an amazing experience.