Saturday, June 27, 2009


The Malhotra Bride is my first novel. I had written it in August 2000. And the novel is finally published in the year 2009. I don't think I had to wait for anything this long. But it is definitely worth the wait. The thrill I felt holding the published work in my hand is beyond compare. This is all thanks to Raider Publishing International, USA - my book's publisher. The book looks gorgeous, even if it is only my opinion. It is very glossy and appealing to the eye. As to how it reads - I am hoping that people will get back to me regarding this. The Malhotra Bride is available around the globe on the internet for purchase in most parts of the world - USA, England, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Africa, New Zealand and most importantly, in India. I am hoping that The Malhotra Bride will find its way into the shelves of Crossword Bookstore, Oxford Bookstore and Landmark very soon. Hope to catch one and all at book signings.


  1. I loved the book - its so romantic - keep it up
    keep writing more such books

  2. hey....firstly...thnks for dropping by my blog...hw did u find it? and wow....9 years? I'm currently half way through writing a novel...hw did u go about the process of finding a publisher? would love to get some advice....

    congrats on ur book....hope it's successful in sales....though getting a book published is success itself....

  3. hey d indian version of Mills & Boons author.Just finished ur book, want to re-read it already :). marvellous work.Had read your MB story but this is a full scale vesrion.Im just going WOW & feel like laughing out loud.already grinning since 2days everytime I was reading it.

    Sunita & Akshay feel like old friends of me, u give the reader that feeling and we feel the mood changes as the story moves. glad my friends are finally a couple after much hardship and will remain MADE FOR EACH OTHER ALWAYS!GO FULL THROTTLE for many more of your masterpieces.Love you, a bear hug coming your way.