Friday, October 2, 2020

Book Blitz: IN LOVE WITH HER MILLIONAIRE FOE (Millionaire Foe Quartet Book 1) by Aarti V Raman

In Love With Her Millionaire Foe 

(Millionaire Foe Quartet Book 1)

Genre: Steamy Romance


“So you’ll help me?” Aaliya asked.

“Don’t I always?” Jamie answered bleakly.

Jamie Curran Smith finally has the millions and the power to return to London and exact his vengeance.

He has only one agenda: to destroy Camilla Everton’s sons. The five brothers responsible for his orphaned, miserable childhood.

And he is willing to use any means necessary to accomplish his goal.

Even lie to the most forbidden, precious woman who’d once loved him with her heart, body and soul.

Pharma heiress, Aaliya Singhania is caught in a terrible dilemma.

She is engaged to the oldest Everton brother – Patrick - handpicked for her since birth and current CEO of Root Pharmaceuticals.

But Aaliya has an open dirty secret. She’s always been in love with Jamie Curran Smith.

The bad boy who picked the enemy because of his vendetta against the Evertons.

Now, Jamie storms back into her life! Right when Aaliya and Root Pharmaceuticals are in the middle of a hostile takeover.

Now, Aaliya has to do the impossible. She has to trust the millionaire foe she’s in love with.

But Jamie has been lying to Aaliya for ten years.

And his vendetta and lies might just destroy Aaliya when the enemy comes for them…

In Love With Her Millionaire Foe is book one in a brand-new quartet of hot romances starring Millionaire Foes and the women who turn them into Heroes!

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About The Author

Hi, I’m Aarti V Raman aka Writer Gal. I have been a former journalist, editor and even a sometime-teacher before I plunged into my dream job. That of being a full-time writer.

In fact, my three favorite words are ‘happily ever after.’

This comes in handy as I primarily write bestselling contemporary romantic women’s fiction, which are all about living happily, after going through some hard times.

My more notable works include the Geeks of Caltech and Royals of Stellangård series, Something Old, Something New, More Than You Want, and The Perfect Fake among others. My chicklit family drama, The Worst Daughter Ever, has been picked up for screen adaptation.

I always love to hang with you, my dear reader friend. I’ve created Writer Gal’s Reader Pals on Facebook for this reason and I hope to see you there.

If not, I’m there on all social media as @aartivraman but I’m most active on Instagram.

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