Monday, January 9, 2017

Book Review: FINDING THE ANGEL by Rubina Ramesh

Finding the Angel by Rubina Ramesh


Finding the Angel is the first novel written and published by Rubina Ramesh, exclusively on Amazon. I have known Rubina to be a versatile writer since almost four years. What I find special in the author’s writing is the way she paints pictures with her words, making the reader sit up with a jerk—simply powerful.

Finding the Angel is a romance novel—about Prince Aryan of the Ranaut Dynasty and Shefali, an art curator. I was keen to read this one from the moment I read it in its brief avatar a few years ago.

The lovely Shefali is a romantic while the hot, handsome Prince Aryan comes with a baggage from his past. She has arrived at his palace at Gitanjali Devi’s behest to catalogue the artefacts of the Ranaut Dynasty. During her stay, one of the artefacts that has been in the Ranaut family for many generations, gets stolen. The theft coincides with Shefali running away from the palace to safeguard her heart from the cynical prince of Ranaut.

And that’s how she gets accused of being a thief. Aryan is torn between his attraction towards her and his basic mistrust of humanity, thanks to his ‘baggage’. And so the story goes...

I won’t say much beyond this point to avoid spoilers. What I really loved about the story is the sizzling attraction between the protagonists that’s highlighted even in their first meeting. Woof! I needed to fan myself as Aryan is draped in but a towel when he comes across the beautiful Shefali in the corridor outside his very own quarters in the Ranaut Palace. And yeah, this is where she indulges in ‘Adam teasing’ or so he accuses her. That term sure brought a smile to my face.

That’s another thing I have to mention about Author Rubina Ramesh’s writing—she comes up with the quaintest similes, mostly self-created, though totally apt.

The book takes the reader from the present to the past and back to the present, woven into a perfect tapestry.

This story so reminded me of the Mills & Boon novels that I used to devour from the 70s & 80s—you know those that had real substance in them with a strong storyline, showing us a glimpse into the culture and tradition of a place and the way of life, along with a proper love story woven in.

VERDICT: If you like to read romances set in India, with a strong storyline, then you should not miss this one.


Welcome to the Indie Author Club, Rubina Ramesh. Proud to have you on board! The proof is there for all to see as Finding the Angel is climbing the Amazon Bestseller charts as I write this review.

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  1. Thank you Sundari for this wonderful review. Only you could have understood that my similes are self created :P THANK you.

    1. :D you are welcome. Most importantly, I forgot to mention the wonderful cover. It's "oh-so-perfect" for the story, especially the glow in the background. Congratulations to getting the perfect artist for this book

  2. Its good to see romance novels coming up from Indian authors..... Sundari, i am yet to read any of your novels but have heard amazing reviews...they are definitely on my want-to-read list .... Facebook put you on my suggested friends list and that brought me here.... :)

    1. Hi Jaish,
      Thank you for stopping by. If you like romances, then you should read mine as well as Finding The Angel by Rubina Ramesh that I have reviewed here. My books are available for free on Kindle Unlimited. There's also a 60% off discount sale on 4 titles