Friday, December 23, 2016

Blog Tour: GUEST POST by Rubina Ramesh

Rubina Ramesh
I knew Rubina Ramesh first as a story teller and only later as a marketeer. Many people know her as the face of THE BOOK CLUB but first and foremost, Rubina can sure weave a tale that pulls the reader in with the way she builds her characters and sentences, many a time leaving the reader wondering what had hit them. Today, I bring you Rubina Ramesh, Indie author of Knitted Tales: A Collection of Emotions. This book is an anthology of short stories that bring you the varied shades of human thoughts and behaviours. Recently, she’s also published her first romance novel called Finding the Angel that would remind one of the Mills & Boons of the 70s & 80s – the best ever. Yes, I became her fan first and I am glad that today I am a friend too.

My question to the author is this:

There’s young Jaspreet who’s undergoing tremendous pressure in the exam hall. I found your description of her feelings so real and amazing. And then there’s the sexy siren Lolita of many layers. It can’t get more divergent than the two. It’s amazing that both were born from the same author’s pen. Can you throw some light on how these came about?

And here's Rubina Ramesh’s answer:

Dear Sundari,

Coming from you I will take that as a HUGE compliment for pleasing you is never easy. Thank you.

I have a few advantages over life.

1. I am a writer with an overactive imagination.
2. I am a woman writer with an overactive imagination.
3. I am a mother and a woman writer with an overactive imagination.

Now as you can see with every role my imagination is stretching a bit more. :D Knitted Tales was written over a period of time. The days I was happy, a peppy story popped up for the prompt put up in Wrimo India. Having a teenage daughter, whose mother has a hormonal imbalance, can be a catalyst to an overdriven imagination. Every examination after you give a pep talk to your daughter, you are left with an empty gaping hole of self-doubt about the way you are bringing up your kid in this rat race. We had it easy compared to our kids. But we cannot show it or they latch on to our weaknesses. My daughter is a wonderful artist but like every parent we dream of her becoming a doctor or an engineer. Movies like 3 Idiots scream about the injustice that we do to our kids. But such messages are appreciated when it happens to our neighbors or our friend's kid. Out of that feeling, Jaspreet was born.

Jia Khan's death left a very strong feeling of dread in me. A young life snuffed out so early and such a senseless death. Lolita, though not a takeoff from her life, but it’s more about the emotion that I felt when I read the news. What makes a person commit suicide at the peak of their lives? What did her soul come to learn? Did she depart once she had learned it? Such questions, as you know dear Sundari, always fascinate me. Lolita, which I am planning a full-fledged novel on, is my quest for those answers.

Thank you, Sundari for this opportunity to express myself. 

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  1. Truly a great lady with a lot to say. :-)

  2. Dear Sundari, Thank you so much. What more can I ask for than the words you have introduced me with to your readers? Humble thanks.