Thursday, October 6, 2016



I began to write suddenly in December 2000. Yeah, you read that right. It was a sudden lightening strike. I have been an avid reader since I was a kid. I remember thinking of the stories that I had read for a long time, weaving multiple endings to it in my mind – especially if the story had a sad ending.

In my imagination, I hit Mr. Bumble (of Oliver Twist notoriety) hard on his head when he refused to feed Oliver even when the child begs, “Please Mr. Bumble, may I have some more?” This was every time I read the book and I must have done so at least half a dozen times and cried copious tears every time.

And the same was true of the umpteen books that I read. I did magic with Mandrake and I beat up goons along with Phantom. Life was truly fun! But writing? It was never my cup of tea until that day in December 2000.

And what did I start writing? A novel, no less. I fell in love with the romance genre after reading my first Mills & Boon when I was barely thirteen. By the end of the book, I was hooked for life. I used to always imagine love stories set in India. It had been obviously deeply embedded in my subconscious and had finally burst forth as The Malhotra Bride – the first book I ever wrote.

It took 14 years and a number of rejections from publishers around the world when I finally indie published this book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. I have never looked back after that.

Today, I have nine ebooks indie published – all Top Amazon Bestsellers – in India, USA, UK, Australia and Canada. I am both proud and humbled by the response from my readers. Those novels that I had published as series on my blog are now being read by people around the world and I get paid for this – month after month.

The best part of Kindle Direct Publishing is KDP Select. This is Amazon’s exclusivity for using only their platform to publish our books. I am simply loving it and I will tell you why.

1.       To begin with, the percentage of royalty doubles when using KDP Select.
2.      Internet users/buyers around the world know Amazon. We should find most ebook readers on this platform for sure.
3.      The best is KENP that is the latest introduction. This option enrols my book for #KindleUnlimited where a member can borrow my ebook to read and I get paid for every page read. This is like manna from heaven for an author as it shows that her books are actually being read. And yes, this has made my royalty shoot through the roof.

Imagine having 10000 to 16000 pages of one’s books being read every 24 hours, around the world! Yes, that’s what’s happening to mine.

I am thrilled to be an indie author, all thanks to Amazon. Yeah, and getting rich too while doing what I love best!

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  1. Nice. Best of luck. Keep writing.

  2. This is such good advice and insight into you as a writer. Congrats!

    Please add shareaholic for your blog so twitter buttons have your handle. It is super good.

  3. Inspiration thou name is Sundari VenkatramanšŸ˜

  4. I don't have to say who made me jump to indie. Thank you Sundari.

    1. You just watch yourself grow in leaps and bounds, Rubina :D all the best <3