Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Pic Courtesy: The Book Club
Cinderella stepped into the coach drawn by six white horses, feeling beautiful. She was a princess for the night, all thanks to the Fairy Godmother. She lifted the hand mirror that was on the cushion beside her and checked her face once more. She couldn’t help but be fascinated by how lovely she appeared. There wasn’t a streak of coal on her rosy cheeks. Her lips appeared luscious while her eyes shone in excitement. Prince Charming will definitely notice her, wouldn’t he? 

She looked at her feet encased in dainty slippers made of glass. She was used to running around in threadbare socks. But the transformation was just incredible. Cinderella couldn’t take her eyes off her feet as she stepped out of her grand coach. A footman gave her his arm and escorted her into the palace’s ballroom. She walked in, confident, quite thrilled to be the cynosure of all eyes. Her red ball gown caught everyone’s eye in the light of the chandeliers; her slippers tap-tapping as she walked on the marble floor. 

Prince Charming came forward to greet the beautiful woman who had arrived late for the dance. He had never noticed her before. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as he lifted a glass of champagne from a passing waiter and went to greet her. Taking the glass in his left hand, he lifted her small white hand to his lips in greeting, his eyes holding hers steadily. Cinderella’s left hand went to her fluttering heart, drawing his attention to her bare shoulders. Without a word, Charming pulled her into his arms as they began to dance. Champagne glass in hand, Cinderella danced with the Prince, completely unaware of the jealous glances from the other women – young and old. 

As he plied her with more champagne, Cinderella got rather tipsy and forgot all about her promise to get back home by midnight. When the clock began striking twelve, she came to her senses and started running towards the entrance or tried to. Her feet refused to co-operate with her in her drunken state while her glass slippers kept sliding off her feet. In a hurry, she bent down to remove them off her feet, to help her run better. The slipper on her right foot flew out of her hand and landed afar on a cushioned chair while the left slipper stayed with her. Did Cinderella wait to find out what happened? Of course not!

She rushed out of the door and reached the garden, only to be snarled at by a couple of footmen. Where did this ragged urchin spring from? The King would have their hides if he found out. Without making a noise, they lifted Cinderella bodily and dumped her outside the ornate gates. It took her all of four hours to walk back home. 

Mind and body bruised, Cinderella wept over her loss. Why did she have to go to the palace that night? It only made her crave for the life of a princess that could never be hers. She recalled the pretty picture they had made – Prince Charming in his princely attire and herself in the red ball gown, holding a glass of champagne, dancing to live music. Sigh! She looked down at the glass slipper that she had carried back with her. 

Alas, it had turned back into a ragged sock! 

Note: I wrote this story for the Writing Prompt from The Book Club. Click Here to know more and take part in Picture Prompt 2 that's open till March 5, 2015. 


  1. A
    Great take, Sundari.
    Loved where you took the story!

    1. Thank you Ruchira
      Hv always wondered why the glass slippers remained the same while everything else changed :-)

  2. I liked the twist in tale! Loved reading your story :)

  3. That was written so well. Loved the twist.

  4. You took away the .... :O I didn't expect that. But then knowing you, I should have expected a twist :D Lovely take Sundari. You took me to the ballroom.

  5. Thank you Ina! Glad you liked it :)
    Without the twist, it could be from Grimm's book of fairy tales nah? ;)