Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Film Review: LINGAA

If you are a fan of Superstar Rajnikanth, then this one should not be missed

Cast: Rajnikanth, Anushka, Sonakshi Sinha, Santhanam, Jagapati Babu
Director: KS Ravikumar

Lingaa was released in Tamil on Friday, December 12, 2014 which also happened to be Superstar Rajnikanth’s birthday. Venkat and I decided to go to Cinemax Sion for the 11 pm show. Considering that it was a late night show, the theatre was completely packed. The show began with a lot of whistling and catcalls. Instead of getting disturbed, we both joined in the fun. Luckily, the crowd settled down after the first ten minutes or so. 


The story opens in a village in Karnataka where a temple of Lord Shiva has been kept shut for 70 years. The village head decides to have it opened by the descendent of Raja Lingeswaran who had built it seven decades ago. Public TV correspondent Lakshmi (Anushka) also happens to be the granddaughter of the village head. She offers to find the king’s grandson and descendant. She zeroes in on Lingaa (Rajnikanth) who is a small time thief in partnership with four friends of his. He has no pride in his heritage as he is under the impression that Raja Lingeswaran had lost all his palaces and wealth due to gambling and womanising. When Lakshmi manages to persuade him to visit the village and temple, Lingaa gets to learn the truth about his grandfather (also Rajnikanth). The rest of the film is about how MP Nagabooshan (Jagapati Babu) tries to destabilise the dam built by Raja Lingeswaran. Watch the film to find out how Lingaa manages to save the day. 


Superstar Rajnikanth has done it once again – got away with the role of a hero in his late 20s. I must say he’s excellent. While his role as Lingaa is very good, he plays Raja Lingeswaran even better. Anushka is just arm candy and needs to lose weight.  

Though Sonakshi Sinha also appears plump, her acting skills are too good. She plays the role of Bharathi, a young lady from the village who falls in love with Raja Lingeswaran. 

Santhanam plays Lingaa’s friend and I must say his comedy timing is perfect. Jagapati Babu plays the villain and is good. 

Music by AR Rahman is not his best and for once I was glad that too many songs didn’t interrupt the flow of the story. 

The scenes at the dam and its construction have been shot beautifully. A special kudos to the cinematographer! KS Ravikumar has directed a number of Rajnikanth films and all have gone on to become super successes. I must say that this one also promises to be one. It’s Superstar Rajnikanth all the way. 

VERDICT: If you are a fan of Superstar Rajnikanth, then this one should not be missed. 


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